Kaminari Denki: All Tricks, No Treat (Halloween Special)

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My first Kaminari one-shot~! This is my first time portraying pikachu boi's character, so constructive criticism, go ahead!

I dedicate this one-shot to livingbetween_worlds and RobloxFan69! These two gave me the idea of this one-shot! I got inspired by that dream I had last night soo I had to write it away! I was contemplating whether I'd make this a Kirishima or Kaminari. . . but decided with Kaminari. This pikachu boi needs some love. Hehez

A Kaminari Denki x Reader. Seems like the world tries to play a trick on you in Halloween!


You fluttered your eyes open. Your sight met with the dark sky, littered with stars like splatters of paint on a midnight blue canvas. Where am I?

The wind blew past you, yet, strangely, you didn't feel cold. Have I become numb for staying out too long? Suddenly, footsteps approaching you made your ears perk up. It slowly got closer, and closer, until it stopped right beside you. You felt the urge to get up, but your body felt like it's still asleep. Your sight was then blocked by a familiar man, blonde-haired with a small lightning bolt on the side, and gold eyes.

"Hey, there. You alright?" he asked, his voice rejuvenating your body once again, giving you energy to slowly get up.

"K-Kaminari-kun, what—"

"Woah, how do you know my name?" he interrupted, making you pause. Eh? Of course I knew. I'm your friend.

You looked at him confused, tilting your head sideways.

"I. . ." you searched your brain for any reasons why he would forget you. Is he playing a prank? Is this all an act?

You decided to just let out a laugh. Hopefully, he would give you a hint that this was all a fake. But all Kaminari did was look at you like you were some lunatic.

"Ghosts really are weird," he said. You paused your laughter, your body freezing suddenly. Ghosts? Who?

"What are you talking about?" you asked.

Kaminari tilted his head. "Ah, I heard ghosts commonly don't have any recollection of their past lives so, maybe that's why!"

What? Seriously, what. . .?

You let out a hollowed chuckle. "You're kidding, right?"

Kaminari lifted an eyebrow. It was then that you realized—fudge, he's not joking. You swallowed thickly, your eyes going down to your body. You noticed how your skin was so white that it matched the dress you wore. You were barefoot, and, when you shakily lifted your hand, your eyes widened. You could faintly see through your skin.

"Uwaaaahhhhh!!!" you screamed, your mind freaking out. I'm a ghost?! Does that mean I died?!

"Ah, ah, I'm. . . I-I'm a. . . I'm a. . ." you stammered, feeling a bit dizzy from processing all these information.

Kaminari kneeled next to you, putting his hands gently on your shoulder. You stopped your incoherent rambling, looking straight into his eyes, tears threatening to come out.

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