Midoriya Izuku: That Strange Girl

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Umm. . . How long has it been since school started? I can't remember anymore. *Wheezes*

Anywho, I dedicate this one-shot to JohnLaurens4life! Please enjoy, and I do apologize in advance if my updates become slower than last time.

A Midoriya Izuku x Reader. Yet another AU! When Midoriya goes along a peaceful walk, he suddenly has an odd encounter.

WARNING: There will be mentions of slavery, and suicide.

Another side note: Please read the author's note in the end for my explanation and apology for my slow-ass updates. Enjoy!


You stared up at the man, your expression blank, while his own gaze was full of disappointment. He scratched his hair irritatingly, pulling on the metal cuffs wound around your hands.

"Honestly, you are such a pain," he said, his words not really having that much of an effect on you as you already got used to his constant harshness.

"How come nobody wants to buy you? I've put great effort in making sure that you'd please the customers, but then all of a sudden, I hear that they're not interested on you anymore. All because you're so stupid," he spat out the last word, stomping through the busy crowd of the market while you tagged along in complete silence.

The old man glared back at you.

"Say something, will ya?!" He hissed, tugging on the chains, connected to your cuffs. But you didn't say a word, nor glare back at him. Seeing that you were going to remain silent, he sighed exasperatedly.

"Oh, that's right," he breathed in realization. "You're so stupid that you don't even know how to talk."

What do you want me to say? Something insulting so you'd end up beating me again? You thought, shrugging to yourself.

As you walked along, you couldn't help catching sight of the other people's gazes on you. The look they have on their faces, even the children were the same. You pressed your lips together, willing yourself to look away.

This is normal. How could they even look at someone like me? A human slave, ready to be sold to anyone who's even willing to deal with me.

You could hear them whisper, questioning among themselves how old you were, and what were you doing having that kind of life in such a young age. Well, you lost your parents, your home; you basically didn't have anything. In your mind, you wished that you'd at least be sold to someone who was kind, who wouldn't abuse you. Someone whom you might even consider as your new family eventually.

But those thoughts hung on thin thread.

You could hear the man talk to some of the people, offering you in hopes that they would accept and finally get rid of you. Though, all that he got were refusals. They didn't even look at your sorry state.

In the end, you stood there, not making a single peep. You could feel the man holding you captive seething in irritation.

"Goddamit!" He clicked his tongue, harshly pulling on the chains to tug you along as he angrily stomped through and out of the busy market.

You could hear him grumbling, mostly cursing you. But you didn't say a word. He kept on cursing, stomping around like a big, angry monster.

Eventually, you slowed down as you reached a wooden bridge. Beneath it, lay a beautiful, clear river, flowing peacefully. The grass blew along with the wind, the sight of it all making you stop in your tracks.

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