Todoroki Shouto: Untouchable (3)

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I've been having problems. My gawsh, I think I'm running out of ideas right now. And so, to y'all dear readers, I call out to you! Comment away your requests! I really need some inspiration.

Is this all because of the stress in school? I am most positive.

A Knight!Todoroki Shouto x Thief!Reader. Our little thief gets tangled up in a big mess!

The story so far: Todoroki has been given the duty to apprehend the culprit responsible for the recent abductions, and prevent the next victim, Bakugou Katsuki, from being captured. As our dear reader bumps into him, beaten up and losing conciousness, Todoroki brings her to One For All, where he then makes a deal with her to help out in the case, lest she wants to get captured and end her peaceful life as a thief.


As Todoroki promised, he'd shown up exactly at noon. You had gotten enough rest just in time for his arrival. Uraraka gave you your clothes back, much to your relief, and changed into it just before he got here. Even if he did see me naked before, I refuse to let him see again. You shook your head as you slung your belt around your waist, grabbing the dagger he handed back to you, and sheathing it.

"It's nice to see you stayed still and didn't try to escape," Todoroki said, wiping his sword with a rag.

You huffed. "It's nice to see you kept your word and actually showed up," you retorted. "Plus, I'm not really in the mood to let myself get killed. Oh wait, if I did escape, you would've ended up screaming my name as I let you eat my fucking dust."

Todoroki fought the urge to roll his eyes. "Cocky as ever." he sheathed his sword back, crossing his arms over his chest as well as his legs.

"Now, our talk isn't over yet."

"What, you're going to question me then threaten me again?"

"Not exactly." you raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on your hip.

"What happened to you the night before I found you?" he asked. Your eyes widened, the memories from that night coming back to your head.

You looked away. "It's just some sort of business I had to take care of."

"Business?" he narrowed his eyes at you. "Does that business involved you getting beat up and almost killed?"

Shit. What am I supposed to tell him?

"Hm? Are you concerned for me?" you teased, hiding your slight nervousness.

Todoroki clicked his tongue. "Don't make this any harder for me, (L/N)." he strided over to you, pinning you to the wall so fast, you barely had time to react. You gasped, stopping yourself from jump-kicking him from the shock.

"Look me in the eyes, and tell me." you tore your gaze away from him, you heart strangely pounding. Is it because I'm nervous? What, me? Nervous around that guy?

Your shoulders jump as he touched your chin, with his thumb and index finger, tilting your head up so that your eyes could meet his. Once again, you got lost by those heterochromic optics.

"I said, look at me."

You gulped. I really shouldn't be telling a fucking palace guard this but. . .

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