Todoroki Shouto: Untouchable

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To think I got inspired when I watched Zootopia three days ago hehez.

Ah, I'm thinking of making a Halloween one-shot but I got no ideas right now. So, dear readers, got any halloween requests? Comment away! Just include which bnha boi you'd like to be with, and your preferred scenario.

A Knight!Todoroki Shouto x Thief!Reader. Our little thief gets tangled up in a big mess!


"Ah! Well, if it isn't Mr. Icy-hot!" you exclaimed, taunting him with the nickname you made up. "My favorite palace guard~!"

Todoroki looked up to where you were, perched on a wooden fence. His heterochromic eyes narrowed at you as you showed him your 'innocent' smile.

"Don't give me that look, (L/N)," warned. "I know you have something you stole again."

You tapped a finger on your chin, looking up at the sky, with an unknowing glint in your eyes.

"Hm? Whatever are you talking about?" you 'innocently' asked. Todoroki kept his composure, not once letting his guard down in front of you.

"Stop acting and give it up, thief," he demanded. You narrowed your eyes, the smile on your lips dropping to a frown.

"You're no fun, icy-hot," you sighed. "Alright. Since you asked so nicely. . ."

You fished out something out of a small pouch attached to your belt, showing him a shiny, red ruby, which you stole from a rich man roaming around the market this morning. Todoroki held out his hand, his gaze never leaving you.

"Now, hand it over, and don't try to do anything sneaky."

You chuckled. "You know, you're really handsome. And, since you'd caught me red-handed already, I suppose I don't have a choice."

You slowly held out your fist, handing the ruby to his outstretched hand. But, before you could completely give it up, you flashed him a smirk, a glint of mischief in your eyes.

"But. . ." you stopped your hand midway from his own.

"I like being sneaky."

In a flash, you held your breath, turning your form into an electric current. Todoroki's eyes widened, searching for where you went until he saw you re-appear again, now distanced from the palace guard.

"Come on now. Don't tell me my favorite palace guard just got fooled with the oldest trick in the book?" you teased, throwing the ruby up in the air, then catching it. "You should know by now, I don't do nice, icy-hot."

Todoroki clicked his tongue, slamming his foot down on the ground, a trail of ice appearing towards you.

"That's enough!" he roared. You smirked, changing your form again right before your foot got trapped in the ice.

You couldn't help but laugh. Here you were, giving one of the strongest palace guard in the kingdom a hard time catching you. And I just stole a ruby! You bolted into a run, trying to shake him off as you made a turn to the crowded market, where you had stolen the ruby.

Along the way, you couldn't help but snatch up a few gold coins from the people. Well, what can you say? When there's an open spot, there's bound to be loot. You dropped the coins inside your pouch, continuing to weave your way through the crowd.

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