Amajiki Tamaki: Kotatsu Hibernation

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Aaand we're back to another Tamaki one-shot. I swear, this boi just makes my heart melt every single time. His personality's really the same as mine huehuehuehuehue. And who would've thought I'd come up with this idea as I was struggling to sleep last night? Hehehehehe

An Amajiki Tamaki x Reader. In the middle of winter break in a cold winter day, what would be perfect to do than to warm up under a kotatsu?


You laid on your side on the floor, your lower half covered under the warmth of the kotatsu. Amajiki, who visited you in your house to help you work on your homework, sat with his back leaned over the edge of the sofa, his lower half also buried in the kotatsu. You had already finished all of your homework, so you have nothing to do other than just watch some tv.

You slightly moved your foot forward, feeling Amajiki's leg underneath yours. You couldn't help but smile. You weren't really intending anything when you brought your feet up Amajiki's own. Sooner or later, the both of you ended up with your limbs in a tangled mess underneath the kotatsu. He didn't seem to mind. In fact, he liked the additional warmth it brought.

You were starting to get bored with watching tv, so you rolled onto your back, careful not to hurt your lover as you adjusted your legs. Oh, and yes, he is your lover. Wanna know how you two ended up together? Well, let's head back to a wonderful spring afternoon, where the first day of your being third-year at U.A had just ended:


You called Amajiki onto the roof. To your relief, he actually did come. You were actually expecting him to ditch you. You took a deep breath, looking at the dark-haired man you had been in love with since you were second years. You could see how nervous (and adorable) he was as he kept his head low, avoiding your gaze.

"Amajiki Tamaki," you started, placing a hand on your hip, the other stretched out with your index finger pointed at him. "I like you! Go out with me!"

Internally, you were embarassed to the point where you wanted to slam your head on a wall. How could you think of confessing to him like that? It sounded more like you were demanding! But, you were so nervous, you felt like your mind got all muddled up with your jumbled thoughts.

Amajiki was no different either. He stepped back, his eyes widened, face bursting into a dark red hue. He certainly wasn't expecting you to confess. In fact, his reason for coming to the roof as you requested was so he could confess to you. After consulting with his two close friends, Hado and Togata, he decided to tell you his feelings that had been held back since the last spring.

Everytime you thought of that, you couldn't help but blush. It was really embarassing to you, and a big coincidence to Amajiki. In the end, he stammered out his mutual feelings to you, and you both started dating. Hado and Togata practically threw a big party inside the classroom once you had told them the news. Amajiki was flustered all the time he was teased by the two.

You closed your eyes, opening them again as you sighed. "Tamaki," you called, the said man beside you perked up as he looked at your slumped form, (H/C) hair sprawled out messily, arms stretched out to your sides. He secretly found it cute. He thought you looked like a pudding.

"I love you," you declared, clearly catching him off-guard that he almost spat out the mikan (orange) he was eating.

". . ." he couldn't say anything. His cheeks only tainted with a red hue. You sat up, leaning your chin on your palm.

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