Midoriya Izuku: Leap of Faith

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So I watched Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and I just can't help but get hyped with the actions and how the animation is so cool! Plus, Peter Parker is so cute and Miles is just so awesome! *fangirl spasm*

*cough* Anywho, on with this oneshot!

A Midoriya Izuku x Vigilante!Reader. Vigilantes are what you call the 'illegal' heroes (based on the BNHA spinoff. Please read it if you still don't know about it). Midoriya, who just acquired his hero license finds an unexpected encounter!

By the way, reader's quirk here will be different, so here's a quick description!

Reader's Quirk: Shadow Manipulation

Description: User can manipulate her shadow, as well as the opponent's. They can solidify it, use it as weapon or control the shadow to bind the opponent and render them immobile. Can also shift and disguise as a random person's shadow. It can be stronger with lots of shade, especially when the sun is at its peak, casting a huge portion of shadows. With not much limitations, except for the user's stamina and lack of sufficient shades to draw out some power, this quirk can be versatile.


Not everyday is the same. Anything can happen, either something big or just something small and simple. That's why, you have to at least expect the unexpected.

It was another day in a certain place. People wandered around, minding their own businesses. It was just ordinary, nothing much to expect. Oh, except for the villain that's currently bothering a lady in an alleyway.

"Give me your money, woman!" the villain roared. With a face that of a shark's and a tough build, he bared his sharp teeth at the frightened woman, making her scream, stepping away shakily.

"P-Please, I don't have m-much. . ." the woman begged, clutching her purse close to her chest.

"I don't care! Give me everything you have or I'll kill you!" the shark-headed villain raised his hand, the woman closing her eyes, bracing for the impact of the attack.

"D-Don't, please. . . I-I have a family to take care of. . ."

The villain clicked his tongue, swinging his fist down at the weak woman when all of a sudden-

"Can't you just leave her alone?!"

The villain turned its menacing eyes to where the source of the voice came from. But the only thing he could see were trash cans, stray cats and other rubbish. Not a single trace of another person was there.

He smirked, thinking that the foolish speaker of the voice had cowered and ran away. He turned back to the woman, going back to his attack. The woman yelped, making an attempt to cover when the villain suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning, his eyes widened as he was met with a dark figure, looking to be the exact size and shape as his. The figure waved at him, like it was saying hello to him.

"Hah?! What the hell are you?!" the villain narrowed his eyes at the suspicious figure. It tucked its hands behind him, giving him a curt bow.

"He's your shadow, dumbass," the same voice that yelled out earlier echoed through the walls of the alley. But again, the villain couldn't see anything apart from the so-called 'shadow' of himself.

"Where are you, you coward?! Show yourself!" the villain roared, flexing his arms in irritation. The woman curled up in fear.

"Hm, it's quite comfy in here. But since you asked 'nicely'. . ." footsteps sounded, and out you came from your hiding spot, within the shadow of a trash can, and a stack of cardboard boxes. Your outfit of dark clothes, from the hoodie, to the jeans, to your sneakers, to the customized kabuki mask you made, you blended in perfectly in the dark shading of the alleyway.

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