Todoroki Shouto: Untouchable (5)

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Awrayto~! The final part of Untouchable! Whew! I must say, I took a loong time thinking about what I'll write next, then. . .

Me: *scrolling through wattpad, bored*

Brain: Hey, can't think of anything to do?

Me: Yeah.

Brain: How about writing the last part of Untouchable?

Me: *realizes how long it had been since the last part* oh geez. I really should write it.

And that summarizes my daily brain activity~! Hehehe I'm joking~

A Knight!Todoroki Shouto x Thief!Reader. Our little thief gets tangled up in a big mess!

The story so far: The three of you went to the river with Natsu to bathe, and Todoroki, for the first time, sees a different side of you!


You groaned softly, your throat feeling itchy as you let out a rather violent cough. Shit. What the hell just happened to me? Your eyes fluttered open, the first thing greeting your sight was the unknown surroundings. You shot straight up, wincing when you felt something sting on both of your wrists, as well as some kind of constraints on your feet. You looked down, finding the restraints to be metal cuffs.

You were strapped on a chair.

Oh, nice.

Candles stuck on the wall provided the room you're in a bit of light. There was a single table with a gas lamp lit on it, the walls were made of stone, a small window blocked with steel bars, and a thick door. From outside, you could see the moon still up. Am I. . . underground or something? What the fuck happened to me?!

You grit your teeth, moving your wrists, the metal and tightness of the restraints stinging your skin. Then you snapped, the memory of earlier events flashing in your head.

A while ago. . .

"Icy-hot, you gotta be more gentle to Natsu or else he'll really bite your head off." you chuckled, watching as Todoroki scrubbed the dragon's scales aggresively. Natsu didn't even mind the forceful gesture. He probably couldn't even feel it. But the way the bi-haired male did it, with his eyes intently focused on cleaning, his teeth clenched; he looked like he's not stopping unless there wasn't a single speck of dirt left.

You were still in the middle of cleaning Natsu, the palace guard with you deciding to help out rather than just standing around doing nothing. Bakugou shouted complaints at him a few times, the two of them ending up having a verbal fight. Now, you had sepearated the two by telling Bakugou to rinse Natsu from below while you stayed up the dragon's back with Todoroki.

You were having fun. Teasing him, making snarky comments; just annoying him. While he decided to ignore you and focus on finishing the task. Of course, he hasn't forgotten about the mission. He had been keeping his guard up, searching for anything suspicious in the environment. A couple of times, he had almost drawn out his sword whenever he hears rustling in the forest, or sounds that turned out to be wandering nocturnal animals.

There hasn't been any movement from the perpetrator yet. Do they know that the victim has company?

You sighed, jumping down for a moment. You scooped some water with your hand, quickly going back up before it runs out on your hand, then tossed it onto the opposite male. Todoroki flinched, feeling a coldness splash on his hair and a bit on his back. He whipped his head to you, his eyes dropping to a glare. You chuckled, patting your hand dry on your shirt.

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