Dabi + Shigaraki Tomura: Lifeless

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Another villain oneshot attempt! Woo-hoo~! Although, reader here isn't exactly a villain. You're more like on the 'neutral' side, neither a villain nor a hero.

Requested byy Demoninpink! Thank you for requesting! And like the previous chapter, reader's quirk will be different again!

Quirk: Near-Death

Description: User can heal injuries, much like Recovery Girl's quirk. However, this quirk can only be used in critical injuries, those hanging on to their life by a thread. In order to activate this quirk, user must half-kill their patients before healing them completely.

*This is from the anime Bungou Stray Dogs, inspired by Dr. Yosano Akiko's ability~! Hehehe

A Dabi x Reader x Shigaraki Tomura. A peculiar doctor catches the attention of two villains.

WARNING: Angsty scenes up ahead!


"Thanks again, Dr. (L/N)!"

You waved your hand in dismissal, as your patient and their companion walked out of your office/house. As soon as they left, you removed your disposable mask, stained with a little bit of blood, pulling it off with a sigh. You grimaced at the sight of it as well as your bloodied gloves.

Tsk. Yet another patient I had to almost kill. You took off your lab coat, which had the most blood stains, and throwing it onto the burning fireplace. You felt a bit relieved, watching those sinful clothing burn away into a pile of ashes.

But I couldn't even manage to kill the most sinful of them all. You walked into your kitchen, turning on the coffee maker to prepare making yourself a hot drink. After you made sure it was working, you proceeded to the bathroom, eager to take a shower and cool off.

You were an underground doctor, known to be the one criminals under the verge of death can approach and seek help. If the hero society had Recovery Girl, then the dark world of villains had you. You had an amazing quirk, yet it required a strong will from you, and the patient; the willingness to kill and be killed. Of course, you made sure not to go overboard and completely finish them off, as you could not use your quirk if they're already dead.

From the young age of 4, as your quirk manifested, you thought it was just an ordinary healing quirk, as you were able to heal a simple wound of a friend of yours who tripped from playing. It started from minor injuries a child could obtain. But, as you turned 10, you discovered that you couldn't use your quirk anymore. You tried healing your own injuries, but you couldn't get it to activate. You were scared, as you thought thay maybe you had lost your quirk.

When you heard your soldier father had gotten badly hurt, you rushed to his aide, despite your mother stopping you. You healed your father, who was on the verge of death when you had arrived. This amazed the other people, and you had caught their attention in such a young age. You volunteered to be in the medical team, helping the injured soldiers, healing them. You thought you found your passion, to become a doctor that could help anyone. However, it wasn't as you thought it would be.

Countless deaths; that's what you had witnessed. The world wasn't as bright as you thought it to be. It was dark. With all the soldiers you had healed, some were happy they'd gotten another chance at life, while some fell into despair. Having been alive again, means having to witness yet another terrifying chapter in the real world. You couldn't understand, why they blamed you everytime, why they were so against using your quirk on them. That is, until you've gotten a grasp on reality.

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