Midoriya Izuku: Regrets

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Aaaaahhhhhh, I love y'all sooo much! I haven't been able to open Wattpad for a long time and when I did, the 99+ notifications surprised me. Wow, I have never received that much notifs in my whole life, ack.

Anywho, as something extra special for y'all, and also something I made for Halloween, here's a one-shot with the floofy broccoli boi! I'm supposed to post an artwork too, but I'm still busy finishing up on the FNAF fanart I'm making. But anywho, enjoy!

A Midoriya x Reader. Yet another AU! You're a glassblower with a strange ability. That's why, a certain person chose you to fulfill his wish.

Oh, and before I forget, this is the long awaited request from InsanityBubbleBubles . I'm super sorry this took too long, but I still hope you enjoy it!

Additional key(s) to remember:

(B/N)—brother's name (elder)

(S/N)—sister's name (younger)


You wiped the sweat off your brow as you placed the piping hot rod of melted raw materials onto a platform. Quickly, you pressed it down to flatten it, then placed it back in the glass oven to gather up more gob.

Your elder brother, (B/N), took another metal rod to help you stretch out the molten glass. You let him do his job, while your dad was working on the swirly design for the marble.

"(Y/N)," your father called, gaining your attention. "You should really get going now. You're going to be late for school."

Glancing at the wall clock, sure enough, it was time for you to get going. Nodding your head, you bid your father and brother goodbye, slipping off your apron then walking out of your family's workshop.

"(S/N), it's time for us to go!" You called out for your little sister upon entering your house. You waited for her to pop out from wherever she was, but she didn't show up. You didn't even hear a response from her.

Huh, maybe mom brought her along already?  You wandered through the living room, her bedroom, and the kitchen, but she was nowhere to be found. Until, you spotted her running around the backyard. You breathed a sigh of relief, opening your mouth to call out to her, when you suddenly paused, noticing something strange.

From behind the curtain hanging above the sliding door, you could make out an outline of. . . a person. The figure seemed to have thick, curly hair, with their hand reached out. Wait, (S/N)?! Realizing that your sister was also outside, and with that strange person, you rushed to slide open the door.

"(S/N)!" You exclaimed, startling your sister. Stepping out of the house, you were all ready to face whoever was with your younger sibling, but you didn't see a single person. Apart from her, there wasn't anyone else.

"Nee-chan, is it time to go to school already?" (S/N) spoke. You didn't respond, your eyes remaining on the empty space.

Your sister tilted her head to the side, straightening up from her crouching position. Meanwhile, you were lost in a confused daze. Maybe it's because I slept late last night, so I might be just seeing things. But then. . .

Why does it feel like—?

"Nee-chan!" You were snapped out of your thoughts by your sister calling out to you. You saw her staring at you in wonder.

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