Bakugou Katsuki: Pumped Up! (2)

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Alright! The part 2! Again, I apologize for that last crappy chapter *bows repeatedly*

Anywhoo, this story will take place after the cavalry battle. Let's just say that, instead of Uraraka, reader-chan gets to team up with Midoriya and ends up qualified for the one-on-one battle. Tee-hee~!

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. This explosive boi sees an opponent in our dear reader?!


You were getting nervous, hands getting clammy as you waited for your turn on the one-on-one match. You sat inside the waiting room, calming your nerves while you thought of some strategies.

It's really funny how you were so fired up back in the last events—the obstacle race and cavalry battle, only for it to come crashing down as you discovered who you were going up against—that rowdy, destructive, living time bomb called Bakugou Katsuki.

It wasn't that you were scared of him. No. You've actually known him since middle school, having went to the same school as him and Midoriya. You and the green-haired boy had gotten close over your years in middle school, although Bakugou; well, you were also close but. . . let's just say not that really close.

You heaved a long sigh, standing up from your seat to do some stretches. You remembered how back in your middle school days, Bakugou would challenge you into fights. You weren't one to back down, so of course you accepted. You've seen how he fights, how powerful his quirk is. That's why, you couldn't even manage to win a single fight with him.

But now, you were determined. Determined to claim victory in this one match.

Even as you felt a bit nervous, you focused on the match ahead. I'm not scared. I'm going to win this. Your mind flashed a couple possible scenarios that might happen in the arena, most of them ending up with you defeated, thrown out of bonds. You clenced your fists, stopping your stretching.

You took a deep breath, slapping both of your cheeks.

"Alright! Gotta keep it together!" you muttered to yourself, your voice rising as some kind of self-encouragement. You pumped both of your fists in the air. "I'm gonna win this! DUWOOOOAAAAHHH!!"

In the middle of your yelling, Iida, one of your friends and classmate, entered the room as he was just finished with his match between Hatsume Mei.

He noticed your presence as he entered. "Oh, (L/N)—wait, what's the matter?! You look like you're on fire!" he exclaimed, seeing some sort of imaginary fiery aura around you.

You stopped your yelling to turn to him, suprised that he was there without you noticing.

"Ah, Iida-kun, it's you," you said, hiding the shaky, embarassed tone in your voice. "Oh, good job in your last match."

Iida nodded, thanking you. "By the way, why were you yelling? Were you not feeling well?" he asked, closing the door.

"Eh? Oh, it's just something I do to get rid of my nerves," you answered, taking a seat.

"I see. You're up against that Bakugou after all."

You nodded. "Yeah. I'm really scared," you confessed, eyes softening. "Even though I've fought with him a few times back in middle school, I still can't help but get nervous for his strength."

Iida's eyes softened with concern.

"But you know, after seeing a match like yours, Iida-kun. . ."

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