Mustard: Got your Back (secretly)

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Ehehee~ soo, this is requested by Ochakochanqwq! Thank you for requesting~! And, as requested, reader's quirk will be different. Here's a quick description:

Quirk: Reflection

Description: User can disable the quirks of their opponent for a limited time. In addition, the quirk disabled can be used as their own quirk. User is able to use the same quirk if they disable the opponent's own, however, cannot use multiple quirks at once. As long as they disable one quirk, they can use it for as long as the limited time.

Oh, I recommend listening to the song in the media as you read. It's been stuck in my head since last night, especially after I watched the animated music video, and it inspired me to write this hehehe~

Ah, if you didn't know who Mustard is, he's that villain who has a gas quirk. In the training camp arc, he's the one who spreads out the gas and knocks out almost all the students. Anywho, enjoy~!

A Mustard x Insane!Reader. You were bored, and so you felt like (secretly) watching a certain boy on his mission!

*This revolves around the training camp arc. Please watch the 3rd season of the anime or read the manga if you didn't know about it.


You hummed a happy tune as you walked along the foggy forest, passing by a few bodies of unconcious U.A students. You giggled to yourself. Mustard did a super job~! You had a skip in your step, not minding that you were totally exposed to any of your enemies, but it's not like you couldn't stop them. In the first place, they could be unconcious or weakened already because of this gas.

You remembered the time when you knocked out one of the students earlier. They were quite surprised to see you, a girl much younger than them, who could pass as a middle school student, stand up to them, ready to fight. Well, your educational level was obvious since you've been wearing your school uniform. You were supposed to wear something else, but was too lazy to contemplate on clothing and just grabbed whatever was available.

You, along with Mustard, are the youngest ones on the team. You were really glad nobody asked why and what you were both doing there, as you didn't liked being questioned. There was no problem with a 13-year old being a villain. No problem at all. You preferred to be one. After all, your past wouldn't even let you become one of those goody-two-shoes heroes in the first place.

You and Mustard did indeed feel out of place as you were introduced to the rest of your teammates. Although, you immediately got along with Himiko Toga. You liked her. She was crazy, just like you. But, as you did got along with the rest, you continued to stay beside Mustard. You were very comfortable with him, and he was the only person with you liked very much. You didn't know if it could be considered as romantic feelings. In fact, you didn't really care. As long as you could stay beside him, you were happy.

Although, in this mission, you did feel disappointed that you had to seperate from him, but when he said something to you before the mission started, you felt more determined for this to end:

"I'll be with you again after this. So go, do your part, and don't mess it up."

That's what he said, and since I'm done with my part, I better go see how he's doing! You skipped along happily, still humming a tune. You were excited to see him now.

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