Midoriya Izuku: Off With his Head!

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This oneshot is dedicated to stormmutant15! I was imagining this one day and couldn't help but write it away hehehe~

I'd like to thank y'all for giving so much love and support even though I'm a newbie in making fanfics. This is my second time getting 1k reads on my story. The first time I got it was on a previous book I deleted. Thank you, thank you, thank youu~!

It makes me so motivated and more inspired to write whenever I read your votes, comments and most of all, your oneshot requests~! Take all my love and uwus~! *passes on to the lovely readers*

Now, on to this oneshot!

A Midoriya Izuku x Reader. What would it be like if you've got an explosive big brother like the King Explosion Murder?

Oh, a little reminder. I know I said your quirk would be just the one I described from the very start, but since you're gonna be Bakugou's little sister, I figured you'd need a quirk quite similar to him. So let me describe it for you!

Quirk: Implosion

Description: User can make implosions. Upon making contact with objects, user can control how it'll implode at will. Can be used in large or small-scale attacks, but never on living objects. Using too much of the quirk will make even a building disappear from the implosion, but it'll cause the user to faint and have muscle strain.


You wandered aimlessly through the hallways of U.A, in your hand was a packed lunch placed in a small drawstring pouch. The students stared at you as you passed by, wondering as to why you were roaming around, even though you weren't a student in the said campus.

You hummed a happy tune, not minding the whispers and gazes of the other students. I wonder where my brother's room is?

You stopped in your tracks in front of a huge door. You looked up, scanning the letters on the door: Class 1-A. This must be it! And it's huge! You furrowed your brows in determination. Alright! I'm gonna surprise the socks outta him!

You casually slid the door open, putting on your poker face. All eyes landed on you the moment you revealed yourself to the students inside the room.

"Katsu-niiii~" you called out, prolonging the last letter of your formality. Your own crimson orbs scanned around, searching for the said male until you were met with already glaring, matching optics.

You could hear the others whispering already, wondering about your presence.

"Eh? A middle school uniform?"

"Why is she here?"

"Did she just say 'Katsu-nii'?"

"She looks like—"

"The fuck are you doing here, (Y/N)?!" your brother's voice roared, almost making the room shake. Your lips twitched, curling up into a big, closed-eye grin.

"Lunch~" you said, pulling up the lunch bag you were carrying to show him. "You forgot it. Even though I'm the one who made the effort to cook for you today~!"

You could feel Katsuki already seething with irritation, and maybe embarassment. You internally snickered. Katsu-nii, you tsun-tsun. You walked towards his desk, again hearing the whispers from the other students.

"She made a bento for Bakugou?!"

"Him, of all people?!"

"What's going on? Who is she to him?"

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