Todoroki Shouto: Untouchable (2)

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Part 2 is here! Wiiiieeeh~! I really should apologize to y'all for the late updates. I finally survived the last, dreadful week in school and now it's the semestral break!

And without further ado. . .

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A Knight!Todoroki Shouto x Thief!Reader. Our little thief gets tangled up in a big mess!

The story so far: Todoroki was asked to deal with the problem of abductions occuring around, and has to watch over the next victim, Bakugou Katsuki, in order to apprehend the culprit. Meanwhile, you happened to stumble upon him one night, all beaten up and barely concious. What happened and who did this to you?


Ow, shit. Why the hell does my everything hurt?

You tried to twitch a finger, relieved that you can feel it move. So I didn't get paralyzed? You slowly fluttered your eyes open, seeing an unknown ceiling as your eyes had adjusted. What the—where am I?

Suddenly, all the memories from last night flashed in your head, from when you were called by someone, to the part where you bumped into him, all beaten up and looking pathetic.

"Don't fucking touch me!"

"Shit," you cursed in a low voice, but it was enough to gain the attention of the man sitting on a chair by the wall in front of your bed.

"So, you're finally awake," he said, making you jump in surprise. Though, as you did, a sharp pain ran up your body, making you wince. Your eyes instantly narrowed at Todoroki, who sat cross-legged on his chair, a book on his hands.

"What the hell are you doing here, icy-hot?" you asked, demanding an answer. "And where did you take me? I don't have a fucking home to begin with!"

Todoroki just stared at you, then sighed. "I see you're also back to normal," he said. "You're in a room above One For All, which Uraraka-san kindly offered. As for why I'm here, I have some business with you."

Your eyes widened. I'm in Uraraka-san's pub? And. . . he brought me here?!

You groaned, falling back on the bed, your head hitting the soft pillow. "If you're just here to finally capture me, can you just wait until I can move properly before I kick your ass?"

He let out a hollowed chuckle. "While I may be tempted to do so, that's not why I'm here."

You clicked your tongue, looking at your bandaged arms. So I really did get fucking beaten up last night? Hmph. How pathetic of me. You then noticed how your clothes seem to be different than the ones you were wearing last night. You whipped the blanket covering the half of your body up, confirming your guess correct. The hell? These aren't my clothes. . .

You instantly shot up, ignoring the pain on your back as you gave the man opposite you a deep glare. "Where are my clothes?" you demanded.

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