Todoroki Shouto: At Least you Smiled

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This one-shot is brought to you by Jelly-zero! Thanks for this idea Jelly-chi~! And please, if you have any requests, comment away! I'd love to write up your inspiring ideas~!

A Todoroki Shouto x Reader. This little strawberry boi meets a certain bundle of sunshine from the Support Department!

Additional key to remember: (F/C)—Favorite Color



You were thrown off your swivel chair and out of the Supports Department Laboratory because of the explosion. You were lucky you didn't get any damage from the explosion itself, but your impact on the ground still hurt as hell.

You groaned as your back slammed hard on the floor, your body drifting off until you were stopped by the wall behind you. You coughed as you propped an elbow on the wall, supporting yourself as you tried sitting up. You ignored the pain on your back, straightening your body up. You stumbled, but you kept your arm in place on the wall. You heaved a long sigh.

"Hatsume-san. . ." you muttered, looking up from your eyelashes. The said female stepped out of the room, her figure seen through the smoke coming out.

"That was. . ." you started, narrowing your eyes at your approaching friend and classmate. "The most awesome explosion ever!"

Hatsume Mei stepped out of the smoke, waving her hands to dismiss the annoyance, one arm placed on her hip. She laughed, lifting her goggles up to her head.

"I know, right?!" she beamed. "My baby is the best!"

You chuckled, shaking your head. "It would've been the best if it hadn't exploded though."

Hatsume shrugged, turning around to see the messy room, a little bit of smoke still not cleared up from inside.

"Ah, my baby needs some improvement," she mumbled. Turning, she gave you a wave. "Well then, (L/N)-san, I must leave you for a while! I have to go find more parts and blueprints for my new baby!"

Before you could even react, she had already bolted away, leaving you still standing in front of your messed-up laboratory.

"Oi, Hatsume-san!" you called out, but the bubbly pinkette didn't hear you, as she had already gone far away. You sighed, running a hand through your messy hair. Guess I have to clean this all up before Mr. Power Loader blows up.

You stepped into the room, looking at all the mess the explosion from Hatsume's invention caused. Metal parts littered the floor, nuts, bolts and screws, and black smudges too. You were lucky Power Loader wasn't present at that time. You stripped off your white uniform shirt, which had been smudged black from oil and of course, the reason for all this mess. You were only left with a (F/C) tank top, your school blazer tied around your waist. You hung your white shirt on the back of a chair, scanning over the surroundings once again.

"Alright! Let's get cleaning!" you pumped your fists in determination, taking out a pair of cleaning gloves you kept in your bag.

For a person like you, heroism wasn't the first thing that came to your mind when you thought about going to U.A. No. What you wanted, was to invent. You were actually born quirkless, but you were a 'child prodigy', having the ability to do things a normal child wouldn't do. Your parents had noticed your talent and potential since you started to become curious about technology at the young age of 3. Later on, they also noticed how you would tinker around, using the parts you would find in your dad's garage.

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