Amajiki Tamaki: Love at First Sight?

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The first oneshot! Hope you all enjoy this! Don't forget to vote, comment and share! If you haven't known Tamaki, then I suggest you read the manga or watch the anime's third season! Tamaki is a third year student in U.A and one of The Big Three, top three students of U.A High.

Reader's Quirk: Lightning Element

Description: Reader can fire off her lightning either indiscriminately (like Kaminari's indiscriminate charge), long or short-ranged. For long-ranged, single pointed attacks, she can shoot off projectiles and fire them off like a railgun. For short-ranged, she can send off electric currents through the enemy's body, rendering them immobile. Her lightning can also be used as electro-magnet. As for speed, she can change her form into electric current and travel in the speed of light. However, this skill depends on her lung capacity, as she can only do this while holding her breath. Using too much of her quirk can strain her muscles and temporarily paralyze her whole body.

An Amajiki Tamaki x Reader. This is based off what I witnessed back in my school's acquaintance party.


There were lots of people, that's obvious. It's a party after all. It was unusual for U.A High to hold an acquaintance party for all the students. Well, after those intensive training, not to mention all the studies, it's been hard to get some time for oneself. Which is why, the school was generous enough to host an event like this.

It wasn't a formal event like prom, so you were allowed to wear whatever you like, so long as it matches the theme, old-school. You were dressed in a high-waist pants with the ends a bit baggy, a red flannel shirt with the half unbuttoned and tied up so it shows your belly button and a pair of combat boots. A simple outfit that took a few hours for you to decide on.

"Oh, hey there, Y/N!" a familiar voice made you turn to the direction of the speaker, where you saw Hado Nejire, a close friend of yours from a different class. Behind her was a guy with swept up blonde hair and. . . rather unique blue eyes.

You waved at Hado as she came closer to you. "Hi, Nejire," you said, smiling at her. She wrapped her arms around you, giving you a warm, friendly hug.

"I'm glad you came to this party. I thought you were going to stay home today!" she said. Knowing that you were not much of a party person and usually just stays home and studies, it was unusual of you to actually attend such an event.

You bashfully rubbed the back of your neck. "Well, um, what can I say? I guess I just have to go out of respect for the school's effort."

Hado giggled, playfully elbowing your side. "Aw, come on! That's your reason?" Suddenly, her eyes lit up as if she just realized something.

"Ah, that's right! I forgot to introduce you!" she gestured to the blonde man who'd been standing beside her with a smile. "This is Togata Mirio, my classmate and a friend of mine! Mirio, this is (L/N) (Y/N), my friend from another class!"

You offered your hand to Togata with a soft smile. "It's nice to meet you, Togata-kun."

Mirio took your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Likewise, (L/N)-san!"

Hado smiled as she watched the two of you get along. Then she turned to the side, craning her neck as if she's looking for someone.

"Huh? That's weird. Where did Amajiki-kun run off to?" Hado wondered, looking through the crowd.

"Hm, maybe he's off sulking with his head on the wall again," Mirio said.

"Ah, you're right. We gotta find him."

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