Bakugou Katsuki: Rain Fiasco

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I need some fluff. I'm running out of fluff energy,  and I'm feeling down because I didn't get to go to the Cosplay Matsuri here. It's New Year's eve, yet I can't feel my excitement. Mainly, because I'm going back to school a few days later *sulks*

It's been raining for a few days now here in my place. I guess it'll be a rainy new year. And so! Before the year ends, I will publish another oneshot! *determined pose*

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. So much can happen in a gloomy rainy day!


Of all the things to happen, why does it have to rain now?!

You looked up at the dark, cloudy sky glaring at it as if it could change the weather. And I had to forget my umbrella. This really is not my day. You sighed, gazing ahead at the surroundings. The rain was pouring mildly, but you didn't want to risk going out and getting wet.

School had just ended, and to your disappointment, it was raining the whole day. You thought it would be fine, since it was sunny on your way to school earlier, but you didn't expect the weather to change. You even double-checked the weather forecast before you left your house.

Stupid, lying weather man. Again, you gazed at your surroundings, thinking of a way you could go home without having to soak yourself, and ending up cold and buzzing with static electricity caused by your quirk. Should I just use my quirk and zip my way to the station? No, it's too risky to use it if I'm wet. Then, should I just run as quickly as I can?

Amidst your thinking, you felt something, slide on your shoulder and hit your head. You snapped out of your thoughts, looking up to see a black umbrella blocking you sight. Where did. . .?

"Use it." a voice said from behind. You turned around, dropping the umbrella on the side. Bakugou stood there, hands in his pockets, already glaring.

You blinked a couple of times, trying to comprehend what just happened.

Bakugou? Giving me an umbrella? That means. . . You gasped dramatically. Oh, sweet mother of all that is fluffy.

"Bakugou, don't tell me. . ." you muttered, as if you were in a suspense film. "You were possessed by an angel?!"

You could feel the said blonde snapping in anger already. Well, maybe not.

"What the fuck are you saying, you little shit?! I'm telling you to fucking use the damn umbrella!" he roared.

You studied his form. He doesn't have anything to shelter him. You raised an eyebrow. Bakugou Katsuki, known as one of the top students in Class 1-A, the wildest, and considered to be your 'frenemy'. Ever since the first day of school, you had clashed a few times, either using your quirks or just simply arguing.

At first, you didn't really like him. Not at all. But, as you slowly adjusted to his rowdy behavior, you found yourself a bit comfortable with him. You hung out a few times, eating spicy food with him, though your bickering still didn't stop. Most of your classmates teased you, saying that you were both like a couple having a lovers' quarrel. But really, that's not the case.

You simply wanted to beat him. Not literally. In grades and something else. You wanted to annoy him, but at the same time, you enjoyed hanging out with him.

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