Endgame tings

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Continuing from Sibling Day tings

It became very obvious to Tahani and Kaycee that Sean had to pick between them based on the others reactions to stuff such as them sitting on both sides of Sean at lunch

So, they mutually agreed to give him some time to think

Tahani decided to actually think about her and Sean

Was she actually right for him?

Was he right for her?

Was it just fun because they couldn't be with the person they actually wanted to be with?

Or was there something more between them?

While Kaycee used the time to spend time with her other best friends

Even though it ultimately came back around to Sean and her

"Okay so if Sean doesn't ask me who's taking me to the junior prom?" Kaycee asked as they all started to think

"Well I was planning on asking Chloe," Julian said

"And Josh was going to ask me so it probably will be him," Bailey said

"Was?" Charlize said

"Well it's just the whole guest process is weird at this school," Bailey said

"Basically every student has to have their own solo ticket" Josh said "But the pair or when you bring a guest is so much cheaper for each person"

"They will go back to olden times and try to say girls can't ask girls and guys can't ask guys" Julian said "Not because they're against that but everyone would just ask a friend to lower the price so they just want to prevent that as even the school wants their money despite trying to take junior prom from us"

"That's stupid," Kaycee said "Any other place wouldn't care if you're just using me to save money"

"We know," Josh said "It's just you and Chloe aren't students here so it makes sense to them that you would be guests but if I asked Bailey they expect her to pay full price since she could go by herself"

"So if Sean doesn't ask Kaycee and Julian asks Chloe then Josh would have to" Charlize said "Since Bailey and I won't be allowed to for stupid reasons"

"Besides at the end of the day it would just be Bailey and Josh treating each other as dates anyways," Julian said as people who want to be together will "The real question is if Sean will do it or not"

"Yeah..." Kaycee said "Tahani must be something for him to actually think about it"

"They got along surprisingly well when you left," Bailey said "And from the outside looking in no one bothered talking to Sean when you left, not even Tati or Tate, as they knew the situation you two were in was messed up"

"Which meant if Sean was going to fall for anybody in that time period it was between the three girls," Julian said "Char was into me, Bailey and Josh had their own ting leaving Tahani and him a lot of time to themselves, frankly I'm mad I didn't notice sooner"

"Tahani always thought Sean was cute but like everyone knew you two were something even before you became best friends truly," Josh said

"Plus, she was into you," Kaycee said

"Yeah so, no me, no you, just them you can do the math," Josh said

*Bell rings*

"One more class, I'll see you all after," Charlize said as she and Tahani don't share the last class with the five

After Tahani and Sean shared some words Tahani left with Charlize as the others regrouped with Sean

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