Planning tings

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Kaycee and the squad made it to their destination

Sean Lew's House

Josh Julian and Bailey still found the idea of trying to expose their school ridiculous but they're following Kaycee's lead

"Okay we need to get some more solid information, any ideas" Kaycee said as they gathered around the kitchen area as Sean was cooking up there dinner

"So we're going to need to make a proposal to the school district about not taking away junior prom, so we need evidence from a teacher," Sean said

"We'll also need some people to support us like a petition" Bailey said

"And proof to see if the money that was going to the junior prom is going to our teacher's bank accounts," Julian said

"So at least three things," Kaycee said

"Tings!" Josh corrected her

"At least three Tings!!" Kaycee said

"How about Josh spies on his coach as he's the person who represents the sports part for our school so he would have some close ties" Sean suggested

"Yeah he keeps claiming he wants to have a mentor role with us so I could use that as an excuse to ask him questions," Josh said

"Julian knows a lot of people and by the time we get a petition started everyone should know and sign there names" Sean added

"Yeah, I think me going from club to club will actually help in this situation," Julian said

"Kaycee and I can then go straight to our principal," Sean said "Our principal might be nice enough, to be honest with us about the budget"

"Yeah we're both straight-A students we should have some goodwill so we can actually talk to them," Kaycee said liking Sean's plan

"What about me?" Bailey asked as she hasn't been given a 'mission'

"You can use your old vlog camera to record for visual and audio evidence," Kaycee said "Yeah like you can team up with Josh and hide when he talks with his coach so we can get hidden camera footage"

"Ok the plan is set," Sean said

"Ok but the coach knows the principal really well thanks to the school's good sports reputation," Josh said "So it might not be necessary for you two to ask our principal"

"Kayc and I will go to the district headquarters to ask directly if that's the case," Sean said

"And I'll ask the other students to see if anyone knows anything that could help," Julian said

"And I'll record," Bailey said

"Alright let me finish making this food," Sean said, "Oh Julian can you and Josh go and get that thing from my room?"

"Uh sure, Bailey can help us too," Julian said as the three left the area to leave Sean and Kaycee alone as Julian knew the cue to leave

"So... How's the weather?" Kaycee said trying to start a conversation

"Please don't start a conversation like that ever again" Sean laughed

"Ok deal!" Kaycee laughed off "But yeah are you really okay with all this, I know it's asking a lot, and I know the other three are just following along because they're afraid I'll blow up on them"

"You only got mad at us as a group once and oh my Lord I was scared of you for weeks, Julian still flinches whenever you raise your voice," Sean said in a light-hearted way which Kaycee still didn't appreciate

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