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(Good to everyone mostly still likes Josh lol)

(It's just when I wrote that I just had a feeling people may see it as a dick move but oh well, carry on)

So, Josh just revealed Sean's and Kaycee's crush on each other in front of the whole cafeteria and ran for his safety

"I'll go hang with the cheerleaders for now," Tahani said slowly getting up from the table  

"Imma go check on Josh," Bailey said getting up from the table and following Josh

"I'll just go... Who am I kidding I'm just trying not to be here" Julian said just getting up and leaving the cafeteria to not be in the middle of this

Sean and Kaycee still from the shock of their secrets being revealed were just staring at each other until Sean recovered

"Wanna walk?" Sean said as he sees everyone still watching them

"Please," Kaycee said as they calmly walked out the cafeteria together ignoring all the stares

They made it a good distance away from the cafeteria so they couldn't hear any talk from other students and just stood by coincidentally Josh's locker

"So, based off your reaction it's true huh?" Sean said

"Yes, I've liked you as more than a friend for a while now, it was more of a slow burn" Kaycee admitted, "I take it yours is true too?"

"Yeah, I don't know about love but I was definitely forming a crush on you after seeing you dance in that dance battle against the lab," Sean said "But now I can honestly say I love you Kaycee Rice"

"I love you too," Kaycee said as they hugged as they finally let their feelings out "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything" Sean said

"Sean Charles Lew, will you go out with me and be my girlfriend?!" Kaycee asked

"I would love to be your girlfriend!" Sean said while laughing at her weird self as he hugged her again

"Josh was right that was easy!" Kaycee said as it was just saying a few words

"Speaking of Josh..." Sean said "The first ting as boyfriend and girlfriend is too get payback on Josh"

"I couldn't agree more, see I knew we were a good match," Kaycee said as the two joined hands and proceeded to walk in search of Josh "We're couple goals already!"

"Right!" Sean said, "Why did you call me your girlfriend?"

"Well I asked you out which is something the guy usually does making you my girlfriend and I'm the boyfriend!" Kaycee said

"Um... Okay" Sean said "Let's not call each other that"

"Nope, I'm the man of this relationship now," Kaycee said

With Bailey

It didn't take long for her to find her boyfriend

"How did it go? 'You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain' " Josh said out loud as Bailey approached him

"You are awful," Bailey said to Josh by her locker as he was just eating his snacks

"Look I didn't know what else to do to make them finally know," Josh said, "Besides I feel like it had to get out anyways, they took too long!"

"But to the whole school though?" Bailey said

"Not the whole schoo-" Josh said until Bailey showed him the video someone recorded of him on Twitter and Instagram and it gaining likes, views and etc... "Okay the whole school"

"So, what do you think happened with seaycee?" Bailey asked as she just rested her head on his shoulder as he feeds her snacks as they're missing lunch

"Who knows?" Josh said

"I'm betting they're together," Julian said as he joined them and they quickly separated

"I hope so!" Bailey said "Easily the most frustrating ting about our crew"

"Yeah but hey at least it's over," Josh said since whether they were together or not they can put the will they won't they stuff in the past

"Oh, Julian I think I got the best candidate for your new female best friend," Bailey said "You'll meet her later"

"Cool," Julian said

"Female best friend?" Josh asked

"Well Sean has Kaycee and you have Bailey and since our crew is mostly guys I'm the odd man out, so I wanted a female best friend like you and Sean," Julian said

"I mean you can have Bailey," Josh said as Bailey just shoved him at the joke "But what about Tahani?"

"I feel like once she realizes you two are together she wouldn't want to be with our crew as much," Julian said as he winked at them

"You knew?!" Bailey said

"Yeah, I mean not until recently but yeah, and I'm happy for you two," Julian said 

"Thanks," Josh said

"You two being that close and feeding each other was a dead giveaway" Julian added implying he saw them before they separated

"Yeah after a few months it gets hard to not be with each other" Bailey said

"Probably will have to break it to Sean and Kaycee," Julian said

"Sean knows but Kaycee..." Josh said

"She's gonna hate being the last one to find out," Bailey said

"You could pretend you just started to go out?" Julian suggested

"Maybe," Josh said as he sees down the hall the man and woman of the hour "Should I run?"

"Hey, guys!" Kaycee said raising the hand her and Sean are joined in to get their attention and show their status

"Finally!" Bailey said rushing to hug them

"Congrats!" Julian said hugging them as well

"Friends!" Josh said having his arms out for a hug as seaycee didn't hug him and just glared at him "Friends?"

"You might want to run" Julian whispered

"Look I did what I had to because I love you two," Josh said as the glaring didn't stop "Guys?"

"We've decided" Sean started "That given how inconsiderate, rude, and abrasive you were"

"Joshua Price you're kicked out of the crew!" Kaycee said


(I finally put them together! This took too long, I was going to put them together at Christmas but I said nah)

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