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After they ate dinner and talked for a while the boys and girls separated the rest of the night

Sean, Josh, and Julian were still at Sean's hanging out

While Kaycee and Bailey were heading to Bailey's for a sleepover via Bailey's car

Car ride

"Josh or Julian?" Kaycee asked Bailey

"Stop Kaycee, I don't like either, I honestly would rather talk about you and Sean," Bailey said

"Well Sean's my best friend and clearly has no interest in me and would clearly rather be with JENNA! Besides you already know my crush it's only fair I know yours, so Josh or Julian?" Kaycee said

"Jeez you really got triggered by Josh, Sean dumped Jenna because she was falling for someone else not because of that... Situation... He doesn't have feelings for Jenna he was just scared of how you would react to that story" Bailey said "Truth was Jenna leaped on Sean to kiss him but he was drinking a juice box before that so it got squeezed and it got all over Sean's pants and Jenna busted out laughing"

By this point, Kaycee was giggling at the idea of Sean 'peeing' his pants but also sees where the miscommunication could come in

"So she quickly went to Snapchat and Instagram and recorded it and since our whole grade knows each other everyone saw it and thinks Sean got... Wet... There was probably a better way to say that...oh well, after being with Jenna for like five seconds" Bailey said the story "Mostly everyone forgot about it by now but since you were new you didn't know, so Sean just didn't want you to find out"

"I see," Kaycee said now thinking of a way to get back at Josh for Sean "But Sean's still not interested in me"

"Wow, that's a huge lie! If Sean would be interested in anyone it would be you," Bailey said as she knows Sean likes Kaycee but can't expose that just yet until absolutely necessary

"You really think so?" Kaycee said getting a little excited at the idea that Sean likes her

"Trust me I truly think so," Bailey said "I feel there's a reason why you two are the only ones not to date anybody since you've met"

"Great! So Josh or Julian?!" Kaycee said returning to the original question "If you had to pick one"


Park near Sean's house

"Dude throw it harder!" Sean was saying to Julian as they were outside at a basketball hoop at the nearby park

"I'm rusty!" Julian said as he took the shot again

They were practicing as Sean really wants to be able to have fun with the guys in the spring for basketball, and they also needed some fresh air after eating

"Anyways, are you really going to spy on your coach tomorrow?" Sean asked Josh as the football coach is one of the targets

"I guess, I really have no choice, I have to do what your girlfriend says or you'll kill me," Josh said

"Stop calling her my girlfriend, and look this dance means a lot to her and a ton of other students and it only feels right that someone finds out the reason and possibly save it," Sean said

"Good guy Sean," Julian said "But yeah I was hoping to get a date to that dance so this ruins my plans"

"Like you could get a date," Josh said

"I could! Could you?!" Julian said back

"I can find a girl!" Josh said as Sean broke out laughing "Whatever if it comes down to it I'll just ask Bailey"

"Sorry dude but all of our sophomore year you had a different girl every week and now in our junior year all the girls are ignoring you," Sean said

"That's not true, I just haven't been looking for a girl this year, and I did not have a different girl every week last year," Josh said

"Let's see after your first girlfriend there was Ciara, Tuli, Kaiulani, Kyndall, T'L, Peyton, Angelnae, Jada, Carly, then Sasha for like a day-" Julian counted off

"-I get it!" Josh said as Sean and Julian just laughed "But none of them were my girlfriends"

"I don't know what's worse you hanging with a new girl every week or that none of them was your girlfriend," Sean said "Besides if anyone here is going to be single it's Julian"

"Says the guy who can't ask his crush out!" Julian said

"Alright! One on one!" Sean challenged Julian in basketball

Bailey's House

About 45 minutes later after Kaycee and Bailey finished an episode of Netflix Kaycee got a call from Julian

"What's up Jules?" Kaycee said as she listens to Julian speak "What do you mean Sean hurt his ankle!? ... You're lying his ankles are indestructible! ... What do you mean you stepped on it when you were playing basketball?!"

"Jeez Julian" Bailey commented

"Okay, so Josh is carrying him back, why are you calling me? ... None of you know where the first aid is?!"

"Boys are stupid" Bailey concluded, "How does Sean not know where it is?"

"Apparently his mom moved it since he was a kid and never needed it until now," Kaycee said to Bailey "Okay I'm on the way just get some ice for now"

"So... we have to save the boys from being idiots," Bailey said as Kaycee nodded as she gathered her things "Well I'm driving"

"Yeah while I take care of Sean you can spend time with J-"

"Shut up!" Bailey said as Kaycee laughed "Besides we'll probably be together as a group anyways"

Sean's House

"Josh get pillows! Julian meet me in the kitchen! Bailey queue up the Netflix!" Kaycee yelled out her orders as she went to get the first aid kit for Sean

"Yes, ma'am!" Josh and Julian said as Bailey just went to the couch next to Sean and turned on the television

"When I hurt my arm last year all you all did was say 'get better soon' but when Sean gets a little bit of weight on his ankle the house becomes a hospital" Bailey muttered out which Sean heard

"Don't be a baby!" Sean said

"Oh come over here and say that Lewser," Bailey said scooting over to the other side of the couch where Sean couldn't reach her because of his ankle

"Real mature" Sean said as Bailey started making faces at him 😝🤪🤥

"Alright here's your better ice pack, a pillow, and Julian is making your favorite" Kaycee said wrapping his ankle with the icepack and gauze and putting it up on a pillow for elevation

"My favorite?" Sean questioned

Kaycee looked around to make sure no one could overhear her as Bailey put her headphones on "Steamed milk" she whispered

"I love you" Sean quickly said

"I know, but it was hard to explain to Julian on why to make it but he didn't question it," Kaycee said

"So what are we watching?" Josh said as he and Julian returned with Sean's drink and some snacks since they were now going to watch Netflix together

"My favorite" Kaycee said picking a series "F·R·I·E·N·D·S!"

"But I hate-" Josh said until Kaycee, Sean and Bailey glared at him "hate... not watching... F·R·I·E·N·D·S..."

"I thought so," Kaycee said pressing play as Julian just patted Josh on the back


(Ch 4)

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