Mistletoe tings

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The first semester of junior year was over and it was winter break!

Unfortunately, this crew of dancers was teaching most of the winter, Sean Julian Josh, as usual, but even Kaycee and Bailey got some choreographing in

They finally found time to all get together to celebrate Christmas

They did the usual's. eat good food and dessert, watch Christmas movies, played some board and card games to Kaycee's request, even danced a little

Now they were just sitting and talking

Sean's House

"We're old!" Julian said out loud

"What brought that up?" Bailey asked

"Just realized when my little sister said she was happy for Santa to come," Julian said

"Yeah that's sad," Josh said, "Isn't she only three years younger than you?"

"Yeah but that just means she hasn't had her heart broken yet," Julian said

"Not as bad as Halloween this year," Kaycee said

"That was funny!" Sean said laughing in the process

"What happened?" Bailey asked

"Before you all made it Sean's I was here and Sean was still setting things up" Kaycee started "While waiting I heard the doorbell ring thinking it was one of you so I answered it"

"It turns out it was a trick o treater who wanted candy," Sean said "So she was demanding candy from the 'old lady'"

"Little bitch" Kaycee muttered

"Whoa, Kaycee!" Julian said saying everyone's thoughts "She was like 5!"

"7!" Kaycee corrected

"Anyways," Bailey said

"So, she was like 'hey mister your wife won't give me candy!'" Kaycee said

"So, I came with candy and said 'I apologize for my wife your majesty'" Sean said "She was a princess"

"It was embarrassing, I never thought I looked old enough to be married," Kaycee said

"You do look like Kylie who is an adult" Josh mentioned

"We all look like adults, especially to kids," Julian said

"Well, you know what that means?" Bailey said

"What?" Sean asked

"We need to be kids again!" Bailey said


(-------Insert their Christmas party ting minus Chloe and Tahani-------)

"Alright, what's next on the agenda?" Josh asked everyone

"You asked that already," Bailey said

"Well Bailey said we need to be more like kids and we've done some stuff so I was thinking of playing a classic game of our childhood," Kaycee said

"What's that?" Julian asked

"The floor is lava," Kaycee said

"No that's ridiculous," Sean said

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