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(Happy New Year)
(!Warning: This chapter is a disappointment!)

Sophomore Year
22nd day

It was early in the day so there was a lot of time before the first class started

Kaycee Rice's POV

Hi I'm Kaycee Rice

My family and I moved over the summer which means I will now be going to a new school

I was homeschooled before so now me going into an actual school building is a little intimidating

I had my schedule on my phone so I keep staring at it so I could know where to go and where I am as this building is completely foreign to me

But since I am constantly staring at my phone there was an issue

North Side High Hallway

"Hey watch it!" a girl yelled as I accidentally bumped into her

"I'm so sorry!" I said as the girl shoved me "Excuse me?"

"What's wrong you can push me and I can't push you!?" the girl said

"It was an accident!"

"Yeah right," the girl said as she pushed me again

I then remembered something my mother said when in conflicts like this

'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind' my mom had told me

Then I remembered something my sister said once I told her what my mom advised me to do

'The bitch still has another eye blind her before she blinds you!' My sister Kylie told me

So I pushed the girl back

Probably a little too hard as she fell into her friends which because the whole hallway noticed us

"Oh it's on!" the girl said as she and her friends came to gang up on me

Why didn't I just listen to my mom?...

"Back off!" a new voice said coming into the circle which was formed to watch

"Stay out of it Sean!" the girl said to the boy I now know as Sean

"Come on Logan you and your crew against one person isn't right," Sean said as he now stood in front of me

"Come on Sean let my girl and her friends have some fun," another male voice said coming from Logan's side

"Tre, dude" Sean started to say

"No it'll be fun your crew against mine a classic dance battle," Tre said as I just got confused

"I thought we were fighting" I commented as I see Sean nodded as he agreed he thought so as well

"Play some music!" Logan yelled to who knows where as the music started playing from a speaker

"Are we in a movie?"

"A bad one" Sean added

Logan went first and she was a b-girl an extremely good one at that and I could tell she was used to battling by her mannerism and how she was getting in me and Sean's faces

"Let's see what you got!" Logan called out


"Screw it," I said dropping my backpack and making my way to the middle

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