Jelly tings

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(Sorry it took so long to post it, I had a date! A date as in I just went out to eat with a friend of the opposite gender and they just talked about people they were into that weren't me...)

(It wasn't a date)


Last day before winter break and end of the first semester


"So then when you get the game-winning home run-" Tahani said

"-touchdown" Josh corrected her

"Touchdown and win the game I'm gonna run onto the field into your arms and give you one of those movie kisses, then everyone will start cheering, they're gonna carry us off the field, then after like 30 minutes were going to go to your car drive to the eventual celebratory party and then get drunk then we can go to your place maybe mine depending how far then-" Tahani continued to speak

"Oh, my god they might be soulmates," Julian said to Sean and Kaycee

"She hasn't stopped talking about her dream for 15 minutes," Sean said

"And Josh just listens and is actually follows along," Kaycee said

"I'm leaving I can't listen to this" Bailey said getting up as now Tahani was going into details of bedroom tings

"Imma go check on her," Kaycee said getting up to follow Bailey

"You have anything for a headache?" Sean asked Julian who just shook his head no

School store

"Bailey, you can't just eat candy whenever you feel uncomfortable," Kaycee said as she sees Bailey buy skittles

"Watch me," Bailey said as she started to pour skittles down her mouth

"I don't see what the big deal is, sure they broke up but they weren't like a toxic couple," Kaycee said "Besides you like Julian"


"You don't," Kaycee said, "But that would mean... oh my god you like Josh!"

"Be quiet!" Bailey said

"You do! Why didn't you tell me?! I wouldn't have done that if I knew" Kaycee said referring to her prank on Josh

"It's whatever, I'm going on a date today anyways," Bailey said

"Today? But what about Josh's game?" Kaycee said

"Oh well," Bailey said

"You know even though I know Josh is mad at me, I know he would want me there, same with Sean, Julian, and you," Kaycee said "Just because your upset doesn't mean you can be jealous"

"Okay, then," Bailey said as they arrived back in the lunchroom


"How do you feel about that?" Bailey said pointing towards their table where a girl was making conversation with Sean

"Just come to the game," Kaycee said as she can't deny her jealousy as she walked to the table

"Oh, hey Kaycee, this Tate she says she might know how to find out how much the teachers are getting a raise," Sean said

"Yeah her and Sean will do the plan after school it shouldn't take long," Julian said

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