Practice tings

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Another day

Sean and Kaycee were still preparing their proposal to the school district for their junior prom so not much has happened since

After school

By Josh's locker

Sean was talking to a teacher about an assignment so the crew was waiting on him at Josh's locker as Josh still drives them all

"Guys I have an issue," Kaycee said

"What's wrong Kaycee?" Julian asked

"Well when we were working on the proposal the other day, I was planning on asking Sean out but I panicked and dropped it," Kaycee said

"So, you asking about dates to the dance was your way of asking him," Tahani said shocking them all "What? I talk to Sean sometimes"

"Yeah, I just got so nervous and awkward and... how do you boys do it?!" Kaycee asked the only two who have asked and tried to ask someone out

"I don't know, still figuring that out," Julian said as his luck hasn't been great lately with females

"Josh?!" Kaycee asked the only successful guy here

"Look, just ask him it's like six words," Josh said not seeing the big deal of saying 'Will you go out with me?'

"But when I see him and think of asking him I just freeze," Kaycee said

"You need practice" Bailey said

"Yeah just ask out one of us," Julian suggested "That way you'll at least get used to saying the words out loud and can get that unfamiliar feeling out now as I know that was very awkward the first time"

"Ok..." Kaycee said determining who to ask "Josh will you go out with me?"

"Sure!" Josh said making it easy for her as someone like Julian might say no to mess with her "Was that so hard?"

"Extremely, thanks everyone," Kaycee said as she breathes out as if a huge weight was lifted

"Yeah but don't ever ask Josh out again!" Tahani threatened

"Chill it's a hypothetical situation," Bailey said

"Especially you! I don't know what I would do if Josh dated you of all people" Tahani said as Josh just smirked at Bailey as she just rolled her eyes but smiled as well

"So, I have the ok to ask him out?" Julian said

"Yes, yes you do!" Tahani said as they all just laughed at the idea of Josh and Julian dating

"You all ready?" Sean asked as he arrived

"Yeah waiting on you slowpoke!" Josh said, "Let's go!"

"Shotgun!" Kaycee called

"Whatever," Bailey said as that's usually her seat

Sean Lew's POV

I was walking back from my teacher ready to go home with the crew

Just as I was about to turn the corner I overhear

"Ok... Josh, will you go out with me?" Kaycee said

"Sure!" Josh said

"What the fuck?!" I said to myself as I decided to go to the bathroom for a moment to think

Did I wait too long?

Was Josh always interested in her and he just never told me?

When did Kaycee get the confidence to ask someone out?

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