Prank tings

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Kaycee's car

"Stupid Josh saying he can't drive everyone again, I don't know why I even got to drive..." Kaycee was muttering out as she picked up Bailey her final stop before going to school

"Why is she upset?" Bailey asked entering the back seat with Julian and Charlize

"She has to drive us and it means she had to get up super early," Sean said

"To be fair he's already at school so he had to get up early as well," Julian said

"Why?" Charlize asked, "I know he picked up Tahani but what could they possibly be doing?"

"He picked up Tahani?..." Bailey said

"Relax girl," Kaycee said "When he told me he wasn't driving us I told him he had to take at least one person and Tahani lives closest to him"

"Yeah no need to get jealous Bails," Sean said

"I'm not jealous!" Bailey said

"Why do people lie to themselves?..." Julian said


They made it to school only to see Tahani waiting by Josh's locker

"Where's Josh?" Sean asked

"He said to get the note from his locker" Tahani said

"But how are we going to get in it when he's not here?" Charlize said

"Bailey, do you mind?" Julian said as they know Bailey knows Josh's combination

"...Fine" Bailey said as she put in Josh's combination "A note is in here"

"Okay so once a year the students form an alliance to go home early one day and today is the day," Kaycee said reading Josh's note

"Last year we faked a fire but this time is gonna take more effort" Sean continued reading

"I need some brave souls to risk everything" Julian continued

"And fulfill our destiny!" Charlize finished

"He's so extra," Bailey said

"The back said to meet in room 108," Tahani said flipping the note

"Well let's go with whatever crappy plan Josh has this time," Sean said as they headed to room 108

Room 108

Room 108 was an empty room which was the old history room before it got moved so now it's like a secret room for the students to have some privacy

It's been used for non-... appropriate reasons but most wait until after school for that

But it still has school stuff inside making it a good room for practicing presentations and such

It didn't take long but they were surprised by the whiteboard full of Josh's plan

"You want us to change all the clocks in the school during the faculty meeting they have during lunch?" Julian said

"And convince all the student's to go along with this plan?" Sean said

"Yeah the clocks are not hard but with the number of rooms I'll need at least five people to go from room to room" Josh explained "And I'm sure everyone in the school will go along with the plan but still gotta tell everyone"

"I can tell people pretty easily, I have everyone's number and can tell people in person easily," Julian said "Especially during lunch"

"Figures but what about the seventh person?" Bailey asked as they were seven of them

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