Spy tings

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It was the following day after school

Josh had a football game so the crew stayed to watch him play

Sean's ankle got better but to be safe Kaycee's been by his side the whole day

Meanwhile Josh Julian and Bailey were trying to think of a way to sneak Bailey into the boy's locker room to help record footage to help save junior prom


"Okay so in about 10 minutes everyone will be going in to change, it only takes us about 10 minutes to change into our equipment and then we head out to warm up and play," Josh said "After everyone leaves is when I'll talk to my coach"

"Okay so I need to sneak in there after everyone changes," Bailey said

"Or before everyone gets inside right now," Julian said the other option

"I could fit her in my locker and she can wait in there for 20 minutes," Josh said

"I don't know if she wants to be in a sweaty and smelly room with a bunch of changing boys" Julian brought up

"I'll do it!" Bailey said very eagerly to the boy's surprise "It's safer than trying to sneak me in after"

"Okay let's go! And Julian go find the Seaycee" Josh said as he and Bailey left for the locker room

"But I don't like being the third wheel!" Julian called out


"Kaycee I'm fine seriously," Sean said as Kaycee was making sure he could sit down right

"You can never be too careful," Kaycee said as they sat down together

"Well you've been my crutches all day if it wasn't for me occasionally hopping people would think we're dating with the way my arm is always around you," Sean said

"Uh... Yeah.... you're right... sorry" Kaycee said removing herself from his arm as Sean mentally slapped himself

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!" Sean said

"There's not?" Kaycee said

"No of course not I would love-"

"-Hey Rice Hey Lew!" Julian said as Kaycee got annoyed and Sean made a mental reminder to punch Julian later

"Hey Bulian," Kaycee said which is her way of letting Julian know he's annoying her

"Sorry," Julian said

"Anyways how are Bailey and Josh doing?" Sean asked

"Well Bailey is going to hide in Josh's locker until he can talk to the coach privately" Julian explained the plan "Has her camera ready and everything"

"Bailey is allowed to spy on hot boys changing?" Kaycee said "Lucky" she muttered

"Hmm?" Sean questioned

"I said yucky," Kaycee said which Sean believed while Julian just smirked at her as he now knows how dirty Kaycee's mind can be

"Yeah so, they're probably just going to talk until the plans start," Julian said

Locker room

"Finally!" Bailey said as she wrapped her arms around Josh

"Yeah, it's been too long," Josh said as he kissed Bailey

Towards the end of summer, Josh accidentally kissed Bailey which Bailey thought was on purpose and reciprocated the kiss

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