Talking ting

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Bailey Sok's POV

"So, I think it's good you have finally come out of your shell thanks your friends," Ms. Kibblewhite said

"Yeah they're the best Cheyenne," I said to her aka Cheymami

"So, talk about them, you can say anything, how you feel about them, a story, anything you want," Cheyenne said as she takes her notes "Start with that boyfriend of yours"

"OK um..." I said recalling the story


Summer before Junior year

My house

Since the crew had worked out that everyone would have someone to hang out with every weekend, this week was Sean and Kaycee, Julian's solo and I have Josh

We were currently at my house as I was still getting ready to go to the movies

I have a very small, teeny tiny crush on my best friend Josh Price but that is not the reason why I'm taking so much time getting ready

Not at all...

"Bailey! We're going to be late" Josh called out from outside my room door

"I know!" I said back "You can come in I'm dressed just doing my hair"

My room

He came inside and saw me at my desk brushing my hair and he rolled his eyes "Can't you do that in the car?" Josh said as he headed towards me

"No, you drive fast sometimes and it will mess me up," I said as I closed my eyes to focus

"Bailey, you look great and you're just hanging out with me you don't need to impress the whole theater," Josh said as I felt he was closer to me

"You don't understand," I said

"I do," he said as I felt he was right next to me

"No, you-" I said as I turned my head and next thing I know our lips were connected

"I'm so sorry that was an accident-" Josh started

But in my point of view, the kiss felt on purpose so I tried my luck and initiated a kiss with him

"Uh," Josh said as he was startled by my kiss

"Oh god! I fucked it up!" I started to freak out as I kissed my crush when he clearly didn't mean me to "C-c-can we just forget this happened?"

"Wait... you like me?" Josh said as I started to freak out more

"NO!" I said defensively then I saw Josh looking disappointed "Fine yes I do, happy! I'm such a loser thinking you actually liked me"

Next thing I know he kissed me and I could tell this was a real kiss as opposed to before "Well I actually do like you" Josh said as I started to smile "And besides you would only be a loser if you fell for Sean!"

"So, what now?"

"I guess we can try a date ting?" Josh said nervously which looked really cute

"I mean I guess..." I said trying not to act too excited

Flashback end

"That story is so embarrassing I haven't even told my friends!"

"Well I think it's a nice memory," Cheymami said, "Ok how about Julian?"

"I guess I can call him... I was going to say brother but that's not right..." I started to say as I tried to think of what was the best way to describe my relationship with Julian

He doesn't act like a big or little brother but I don't want to just call him a friend as we're closer than that, even if I don't want him to know this but he does liven up my day with his stupid jokes and he does look out for me

"He's my best friend," I said "Don't tell him I said that"

"Very well" She laughed "Next is Sean"

"I know were the same age but he's like the brother I never had," I said "Even though I want to punch him for all the times he couldn't get his stuff together particularly with Kaycee"

"And lastly Kaycee"

"I love her" I said "We started off as like almost total opposites but as time went on we became so similar, and I have the utmost respect for her which is why I kind of act like she's another big sister well at least one that understands me in a way my actual sisters don't"

"Does it upset you that she's no longer apart of this school?" Cheymami asked

"At first because I felt that I was the only girl but Sean has his girly tendencies and Charlize and Tahani have been good so far," I said "And I plan on seeing her hopefully soon"

"Yeah but adjusting to a new situation must be tough," Cheymami said

"I mean yeah but ever since we got back together I've been spending more time with Josh anyways so I just think about it as if I wouldn't have seen her as much anyways," I said "Besides Josh has a plan to have her visit here soon"

"Better not break any rules," Cheymami said as I laughed

"No promises"

"Well that does it for this session, next time we'll talk about your extracurricular like dance and poetry," Cheymami said as I gathered up my stuff "Oh since you didn't make it by that time but Happy Birthday Bailey"

It was March after my birthday in February I didn't do much just dinner with my family and Josh dropped something off for me but it was a really chill day

"Thank you"


(I wasn't going to publish this since I think it's trash and unnecessary but since it's Bailey's birthday I felt 'why not?' this is before Sibling day tings and Catching up tings even though I published this after them)

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