Telling the truth ting

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Thursday Morning

Rice House

"I can't believe you waited so long after I told you to do so," Sean said

"Hey, you're not the boss of me!" Kaycee said

"True but I'm pretty sure this is the same reason why we didn't start dating until January" Sean said

"That was easily 50-50," Kaycee said

"True," Sean said as he didn't help getting them together that much

"So Kaycee what did you and Sean have to tell us?" Laura asked as she and Brad joined them in the living room

"... I'm dating Sean," Kaycee said "Actually we've been dating for nearly three months, I just didn't know how to tell you"

"I see," Brad said

"So please don't get angry at Sean it's my fault I didn't tell you," Kaycee said

"No worries sweeties we're not mad," Laura said

"Thank goodness" Sean muttered

"However," Brad said "We're going to consider homeschooling you again"

"What?!" Sean said

"I don't know if this ever came up Sean, but one of the conditions to allow her to go to public school was that she would focus on school with us allowing her to dance" Laura said "We loosened up when it was cheerleading and theater as it could be good experiences"

"But under no circumstances was she allowed to have a boyfriend!" Brad said as Laura put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down

"We're also aware that you two were friends first and we can't stop Kaycee from making friends and start liking each other" Laura said "...You two go to school, no decision is final yet"


"GIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Julian and Josh were saying in unison to the person on Julian's phone

"I can't with them" Charlize said as Bailey just looked amused

"I'll call you later babe" Julian said hanging up the phone "I miss her already"

"Wow Julian, did cupid shoot you with an arrow late?" Tahani said "Because you look like you're in loveeeee"

"Hey shut up, I'm just happy she's finally my girlfriend," Julian said "Chloe's the best girl"

"I would have to fight you on that one" Sean said

"And I would win" Julian said

"Doubtful" Sean said

"Wow Kayc you got Sean willing to fight for you, that should make you feel special" Bailey said as Kaycee didn't respond "Kayc?"

"Huh? Oh sorry I zoned out" Kaycee said

"What's wrong? You've been silent all day," Josh said

"Nothing, just me and Sean told my parents," Kaycee said

"And..." Julian said wanting to know more

"They're considering making Kaycee do homeschool again," Sean said

"Why?!" was the consensus response

"Well something I never really told you all was that I was never allowed to have a boyfriend when I made the decision to stick with public school," Kaycee said "They wanted me to focus on school but they loosened up with my extracurriculars but they see having a boyfriend as too distracting"

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