A Not Dating ting

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It wasn't a five-star restaurant but it was definitely nice enough for the Rice family + Sean to dress up more than usual

The Rice family welcomed Sean even though Sean found it strange that Kaycee didn't even want to hold his hand that evening

The night was mostly quiet and chill, Devon talked about his job, Kylie about her boyfriend, Kaycee talked about the drama with her friends which didn't entertain anyone else but Sean

"So Sean how's school?" Kaycee's dad Brad asked Sean

"Going good, it might get a little bit stressful coming soon," Sean said

"What's going on? Bad grades?" Kaycee's mom Laura asked

"Nope! Sean is a straight-A student" Kaycee said

"Yeah, I just mean I'm now apart of the basketball team and going to be in the school musical with Kaycee here in the Spring" Sean said

"Seems awfully busy, and aren't you still dancing?" Laura said

"Yeah, I've even been teaching a few times too," Sean said

"Sean is an amazing choreographer, he did that one routine that I showed you I did mom," Kaycee said

"I see," Laura asked as she did remember Kaycee showing her a dance video of herself

"Seems like a whole lot going on, so I see why you don't have a girlfriend," Brad said as he used to think Sean was gay and didn't have a girlfriend because of that, the Rice siblings froze and Sean looked confused after hearing Brad

"Excuse me, sir?" Sean said

"Yeah between school, dance, sports, and theater you couldn't have enough time for a significant other" Brad said

"I-" Sean started until Kaycee nudged him and gave him a look saying she messed up "I guess your right I never thought about it like that, I guess I don't have a girlfriend"

The following Monday

Josh picked them up as usual with Charlize instead of Bailey just a little louder on the way to school

"How could you not tell your parents we're dating?!" Sean said

"I didn't know the right time!" Kaycee said

"Was two months not long enough?!" Sean said

"I was scared!"

"Kayc, you asked ME out!"

"I know!"

"Guys can you just-" Julian tried

"Shut up!" Seaycee said

"So what happened?" Charlize asked in a much nicer way than Julian

"After it was clear her parents didn't know we were dating I had to pretend that we weren't dating so basically I just had to not explain the kissing and stuff whenever we were together," Sean said

"The real problem came when I slept over," Kaycee said

"Yeah but they bought our excuse of she slept on the couch for now," Sean said "Now I'm afraid once they do find out they're going to kill me"

"So as far as they know we're not dating," Kaycee said "We're still dating but just not to my parents"

"Well it could have been worse," Josh said

"Yeah we could have taken a break," Kaycee said being mean to Josh still

"Wow," Josh said as he pulled into the parking spot at school

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