An Everday ting

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Around December

Outside Kaycee Rice's House

"Come on!" Josh Price yelled from his car

"Sorry!" Kaycee Rice said running from her house and sitting in the back seat of the car

"Hey beautiful," Sean Lew said as he was sitting next to her

"H-Hey Sean," Kaycee greeted back

The two kept making small and quick glances at each other obviously being a little flustered around each other

"Josh drive before they stop making lovey-dovey eyes and start kissing!" Julian Deguzman said from the other back seat next to the two

"Yeah can't let the lovebirds get too self-absorbed with each other," Josh said pulling off from Kaycee's driveway

"We're not lovebirds!" Sean and Kaycee both said simultaneously being embarrassed in the process at their synchronicity

"An annoying duo" Bailey Sok commented from the passenger seat

They all made their way too school, getting caught up over there weekend antics

Julian went on a date only for it to not go well but he tried some tasty food and now knows where to take his friends next for food

Josh had a football game which he won and had fun partying over the weekend

Bailey hosted a small movie night at her place

a good sisters night for her

Kaycee and Sean walked down Venice beach together and enjoyed the sights and ice cream

On a not date


It didn't take long for them to make it to the school, and go through their class schedule

They all had the same schedule so they went through their classes together

They were all different types of students mostly because of their personalities

Kaycee gives the classes her full attention as she does enjoy learning new things while occasionally talking to Sean since they always talk, Kaycee's a straight A student

Sean pays attention in class but mostly focuses on Kaycee but he was still a straight-A student as he's a natural genius

Bailey doesn't care too much as she always has a book or her phone next to her notebook which was fine as she was an A - B student despite not paying a lot of attention in class

Josh tries to pay attention but it was difficult for him especially since he was a social butterfly he was an A - C student depending on the subject

Julian honestly didn't care about classes, he always does something else whether joking around, drawing in his notebook, daydreaming etc... but he still managed to pass mostly thanks to his friends as a B - D student

Lunchtime in the Cafeteria

"Pudding!" Julian finished his joke as Sean, Josh, and Kaycee laughed at the silliness of the joke

"That's crazy!" Kaycee said still laughing at the joke

"Come on Bailey, laugh at my jokes!" Julian said as Bailey paid him no mind

"No," Bailey said

"Are you still trying to win that bet?" Sean asked Julian

"Of course!" Julian said

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