A Mystery ting

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Same day

When lunch ended they continued to head to their last few classes to finish the school day

Since Josh drove them all to school they usually wait on him so they can go home but there was an emergency student council meeting and Josh somehow ended up running it for the sports part of the school as the other co-captain for football already went home

So the other four were waiting by his locker until Josh was done

"Why do we tell actors to break a leg?!" Julian said mostly to Bailey to get her to laugh

"Why?" Bailey said

"Because every play has a cast!" Julian said finishing his joke with Bailey not laughing but Kaycee dying at the joke and Sean just snickered

"I'm using that with my theater friends," Kaycee said as that seemed to be the best joke for her other friends

"I think you should give up Julian, she's not going to laugh at your jokes," Sean said as Bailey didn't budge at the joke

"Yes, she will! Right, Bailey!" Julian said

"No," Bailey said

"See!" Julian said expecting a yes "What?!"

"Told you," Sean said as he checked the time "Wonder what's taking so long"

"I mean it was an emergency so it could take a long time if it was this urgent and it couldn't wait until tomorrow," Kaycee said "Do you know anything, Bailey? Isn't one of your poetry friends apart of the student council?"

"I don't know anything, she usually just tells us the good stuff not what actually goes on," Bailey said about her poetry friend

"I'm hungry!" Kaycee whined

"I can make some food at my place if you all want to come over?" Sean said

"That would be awesome!" Julian said

"But I need something now!" Kaycee continued

"I think Josh has snacks in his locker," Sean said "Something about keeping energy up for football practice"

"Great but none of us knows his combination," Julian said

"Got chips, and some crackers which one?" Bailey said as she was in Josh's open locker

"Crackers and how?!" Kaycee said as she was handed some crackers

"Yeah, do you know his locker combo?" Sean said as Bailey just shrugged not wanting to answer and she shifted her focus to Kaycee

"Anyways is basketball easy? I haven't played in a while" Julian said to Sean as Kaycee and Bailey were talking

"No worries the team is going to be light on players this year so even you and Josh being rusty should allow you to join the team," Sean said

"Cool! Now maybe some cheerleaders can like me" Julian said

"In your dreams bro," Sean said

"Why don't you wanna join theater with me?!" Kaycee said to Bailey as Sean and Julian were talking about basketball stuff

"Kaycee" Bailey said as this was not the first time this conversation has occurred

"Come on! You can dance!" Kaycee said as theater is not just acting

"We all can dance, why don't you ask the boys?" Bailey said as the five of them are professional dancers

"Because I want my girlfriend to be apart of a club with me," Kaycee said

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