A Sooner Rather than Later ting

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"Kaycee you're parents aren't going to break us up," Sean said for the millionth time

"You don't know that," Kaycee said the millionth time

"Look I can delay my parents for a few weeks by just claiming your family is busy but eventually they will want to do that dinner ting," Sean said

"Kayc no matter what your parents say, they can't stop you from seeing Sean at school, or dance," Julian said, "Somethings they can't enforce really, like how our families probably never wanted us to curse but look now we can curse like fucking sailors!"

"Maybe you're right," Kaycee said

"Yeah and besides I'm pretty sure you're underestimating your parents, they're pretty nice people," Bailey said as Kaycee nodded "Where's Josh?"

"Um... so he doesn't necessarily want to be around you so he's probably going to be sitting with Tahani and her friends," Julian said

"Yeah he's pretty upset you chose Kenneth over him" Kaycee added

"Should I tell them or should you?" Charlize said to Bailey as she was informed earlier

"I didn't want to but... fine," Bailey said "I'm just using Kenneth to make Josh jealous"

"Knew it!" Sean claimed

"No you didn't," Kaycee said

"I did, there was no way she just moved on from Josh that soon," Sean said as Kaycee rolled her eyes

"So you're getting payback?" Kaycee said

"Well Kenneth also wants to make his ex AC jealous so it works out for both of us," Bailey said "So yeah payback for wanting to go on this stupid break"

"Well I should probably tell you that we blocked Josh in your phone," Kaycee said feeling a little bad "Charlize and I thought you really needed to move on and so we blocked all contact from Josh"

"Aw damn," Bailey said going through the process of unblocking Josh "I knew it was weird that he didn't even try to text me this weekend, he was still texting me before"

"So he might have thought that card was his last shot and you shot him down," Sean said "Between you supposedly ignoring him, going out with Kenny, and saying you just wanna be friends"

"You honestly might have just pushed him towards Tahani" Kaycee finished

"That's crazy! Sure I might have made him feel like he didn't have a shot with me still but that's crazy" Bailey said

"So Josh didn't get back with Tahani before because he was with you," Charlize said

"And now you're not with him, what's stopping him being with Tahani?" Julian finished

"Wow we finish each other's sentences now," Charlize said

"We're truly getting this best friend thing down!" Julian added as they high fived

"Yeah it's a weird side effect to being best friends with the boys," Kaycee said

"Bailey and Josh were like that too but now..." Sean said

"Dammit," Bailey said as she facepalmed that her jealousy plan might be backfiring

"Yeah you trying to make Josh jealous is just going to make you jealous when he spends time with Tahani," Sean said as they see Josh and Tahani walk in the lunchroom laughing about something

"Could just clear it up now?" Julian suggested

"Kenneth still has to make AC jealous so I can't just stop it," Bailey said "Because as far as the schools concerned I'm dating Kenneth"

"Well looks like you have to be just friends again until then," Charlize said

"I said that but he just shook his head," Bailey said "He didn't want to be around me with Kenneth"

"Joshua Adam Price get your butt over here and sit with your best friends!" Kaycee said as Josh and Tahani walked over

"Joshua? Really?" Josh said as he has not heard any off hen use his full name recently "And I thought we weren't best friends?"

"Stop playing you already know who you are to me," Kaycee said "Now look just because you two aren't together it does not mean you have permission to not be apart of the crew so be best friends! Now!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Josh said lowkey afraid of Kaycee "Sailey Bok would you maybe like to be my best friend again?"

"I would love to Posh Jice!" Bailey said

"Now that that's all settled, Kaycee tell your parents," Sean said

"No," Kaycee said

"Tell them!" Sean said

"Nope!" Kaycee said

"What's going on? I feel out of the loop?" Tahani asked

"So Kaycee didn't tell her parents she's dating Sean, so they think they're just friends but now Sean's parents want to have dinner with his girlfriend's parents which would just reveal the secret so now Sean's pressuring Kaycee to tell her parents but Kaycee claims her parents will break them up if they find out" Josh explained "Did I miss anything?"

"That's pretty much it," Charlize said

"Got it," Tahani said feeling caught up

"You have a week," Sean said

"A week or what?" Kaycee said

"Or I'm breaking up with you," Sean said his ultimatum


"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!" The whole table laughed

"I'm being serious!" Sean whined as no one took him seriously

"Dude the day you break up with Kaycee is the day I give up on love," Julian said

"Yeah, you didn't even have the guts to ask her out how would you even break up with her?!" Bailey added

"Thanks, honey, you still know how to make me laugh," Kaycee said kissing his cheek "If it means that much to you I'll tell them sooner rather than later"

"Thank you! Finally, some respect" Sean said

"Dude Kaycee is just trying to protect your ego," Josh said "Then again she wears the pants in that relationship"

"Stop saying that!" Sean said


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