A Pancakes vs Waffles ting

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So Josh just asked the question Pancakes or Waffles?

And in the process, a debate started to form

Kaycee, Charlize, and Tahani picked Pancakes

Sean, Julian, and Bailey picked Waffles

The debate was getting heated but lunch ended and they all agreed to settle this at Sean's house

Sean's House


"Nice place Sean" Charlize commented s this was her first time at Sean's

"Thank you," Sean said

"Too bad that's the only point you'll get," Tahani said

"Oh, so that's what we're doing now?" Bailey said

"That's what we're doing now?" Kaycee said

They were already arguing points like texture, taste, etc...

But now they were going to settle this the best way they can

"Dance battle we have 5 minutes to make a routine to win over Josh," Kaycee said

"And no bias, right Josh?" Sean said as Josh just gave a thumbs up as he was dragged into this

"You can have your bedroom we'll have the living room meet back in 5 minutes," Kaycee said as she stuck her hand out for the agreeing handshake

"May the best trio win," Sean said shaking her hand

"I'm letting you know right now sweetie," Kaycee said as she pulled Sean in to kiss him"I never lose" as she finished the kiss "Let's go girls!"

"I guess Kaycee wheres the pants in that relationship," Julian said out loud as they headed to Sean's room

"What? I do!" Sean said

"What is Kaycee wearing?" Julian asked

"Jeans," Sean said

"And you?" Julian asked

"Short- shut up!" Sean said

"Come on guys we need a plan," Bailey said trying to get the boys to focus

"Bailey you are with two choreographing geniuses, and you're getting up there as well, Kaycee and them don't stand a chance," Julian said


"So instead of technique, I was thinking we should just win over Josh," Kaycee said "Sean Julian and Bailey are all extremely good at choreographing so we need to impress Josh"

"I mean we're all girls we can use our natural feminity," Charlize said

"Yeah, no way he can resist this" Tahani said while posing

"He's been resisting you for a while now Tahani," Kaycee said "But Charlize is right to let's use the fact that we're all girls to our advantage

Five minutes went by fast and both trios were ready

The SBJ trio did a hip hop routine like a Jake Kodish choreo

Whereas the KTC trio did a jazz-funk routine like a Jojo Gomez choreo

"Can I just say tie and you do something where I don't have to pick sides?" Josh said not wanting to pick

"Yeah I guess we can," Sean said

"What's wrong Sean? Afraid you're going to lose" Kaycee said acting like a baby to push Sean

"No, I just think a game of cards will show who the real winner is," Sean said intriguing Kaycee "Unless you already know you would lose..."

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