Smiling tings

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"Joshua Price you're kicked out of the crew!" Kaycee said

"You're not serious," Josh said taking it as a joke until he didn't see Kaycee or Sean's face change "Are you?"

"You just exposed both of our deepest secrets to the whole school," Sean said, "How can we trust you again?"

"Look I know my way wasn't ideal but you two couldn't speak to each other" Josh said "I admit I was a bit loud, but hey it's me I'm always loud"

"He's got a point" Julian commented

"Price you're out," Kaycee said

"Okay," Josh said as he just accepted his fate "I hope you two treat each other well"

"Wait a minute!" Bailey said "You two are overreacting"

"We trusted you all not to let the other know about our feelings until we were ready and he broke that trust," Kaycee said "I don't know what you would want to do to get him to stay"

"Dance battle?" Bailey said "Winner decides if he stays"

"You think you would win?" Sean said "2 on 2?"

"Anytime-anywhere bro" Bailey said

"Kaycee's rubbing off on her" Julian commented on Kaycee's competitive nature

"No dancing, the only judge would be Julian and that would go nowhere," Kaycee said thinking of a way to make things fair "How about if I revealed your secret Bailey?"

"You wouldn't," Bailey said

"Secret?" Julian asked, "Wait do you all have secrets?!"

"Not anymore," Sean said as his and Kaycee's secrets were out

"If I reveal my own secret can Josh stay?" Bailey said as Sean and Kaycee just shrugged as they don't know what she'll say

"You don't have to," Josh said

"It's okay," Bailey said "Secret is I have a crooked mouth when I smile big, it's really embarrassing, which is why I don't like laughing at you all's jokes as it exposes my mouth"

"Aw Bailey, I'm sure it's not that bad," Julian said as Bailey smiled big at him showing him her crooked smile shocking him as he never noticed until now "Wow learn something new every day in school"

"Well you're still beautiful to me" Josh simply said

"Aw!" Kaycee said as she remembered Bailey has a crush on Josh and has been silently shipping them for a while

"So can he stay?" Bailey said

"Of course he can we were actually just messing with Josh to get back at him," Sean said "It just turned serious too fast"

"Yeah the plan was to just get Josh to walk away then say just kidding but Bailey stepped in so fast that we couldn't stop so we improvised," Kaycee said

"Unbelievable" Josh said

"You had me really going there" Bailey added

"I guess my acting skills were too good since you all believed we would actually kick Josh out," Kaycee said

"She finally gets a boyfriend and her ego grows," Julian comments as Kaycee punched him

The bell ringed signaling the end of lunch and the start of the next class

"Alright let's go to our next class crew," Sean said as he and Kaycee walked off hand in hand with Julian next to them

"So should we tell them I already knew about your smile?" Josh said

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