Blind tings

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Kaycee's car

"Thanks for the ride again Kayc you really are getting better at this- Oh wow!" Sean said catching Kaycee's appearance

Kaycee was wearing sweat pants, messy hair, no makeup, tired etc...

"I know I look like trash, get in and shut up!" Kaycee said looking annoyed and mad today

"You look gorgeous," Sean said

"Not funny Sean," Kaycee said

"I'm serious," Sean said as Kaycee looked even more annoyed "What happened?"

"I went to bed early after you facetime me last night and I forgot to prepare clothes and stuff for the day" Kaycee said "Then I woke up extremely late, sleeping through my alarm and only got up because Josh tried calling me and I had to just put on anything leaving my hair and face a mess as well,"

"See that's normal"

"Get your own car so I don't have to drive you this early!" Kaycee said as since she's now driving them to school she has to leave earlier than she would have to as she now has to pick up Sean

"No worries, Sarah is going out of town soon so I can use her car in the future," Sean said


Julian's car

"Why am I driving again?" Julian asked as he already picked up Bailey

"Josh said he couldn't and needs you to drive us three since Kaycee wasn't answering," Bailey said remembering the phone call she had with Josh "So how's it going with you and Chloe?"

"Good, I'm planning on asking to be my girlfriend officially soon," Julian said "Not going to take several months as Sean and Kaycee did"

"Awesome, especially since it doesn't seem like Chloe has that much patience compared to them," Bailey said, "Good to know you keeping her away from us is working..."

"Is that your way of saying you want to meet Chloe?" Julian said

"As your best friend, I need to meet your future girlfriend," Bailey said

"I didn't know you were dating Josh until months later," Julian said "You're a hypocrite"

"None of you asked if I was dating anybody!" Bailey said

"Well, we're here do you mind getting him?" Julian said as he pulled up to Josh's place as Julian went on his phone to text Charlize

"Fine" Bailey said approaching the door "Morning Jos- What happened to you?!"

Josh had shades over his eyes

"Relax!" Josh said "I got in a little dancing accident on Tuesday after we got home early and hurt my eyes, I'm fine it should be all cleared up by 2:00 pm today but I can't miss school"

"Can you see at all?" Bailey asked while helping Josh down to the car

"Barely, I see your silhouette kind of, everything is blurry plus the glasses make everything darker, so I can't' see your face or even the difference between the concrete and the grass," Josh said "I have to wear the sunglasses as my eyes are too sensitive to light right now"

"Then how in the hell are you going to go through school today?" Bailey questioned

"I was hoping you could help me... you know we have the same classes and all" Josh said

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