A Valentine ting

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A couple weeks passed and not much really happened

Currently, Sean and Kaycee were turning in there proposal to the school district for saving junior prom

They thought they would have to present in front of a council as they were mildly dressed up but turns out they just had to send in a file

"Sucks we went through all that practicing just for it not to be necessary," Kaycee said as they headed to her car

"Yeah but hey we did our part," Sean said as they sit down" Sucks that Julian kept us waiting for those signatures"

"Only to be 5 off then to realize he was just missing our names" Kaycee finished as Julian forgot to get Sean Kaycee Bailey Josh and himself to sign their own petition "I swear he gives me headaches"

"Well, maybe this will relieve that," Sean said revealing flowers he was hiding "Happy Valentines Day!"

"Sean!" Kaycee said taking the flowers "Thank you"

"It's nothing," Sean said


Josh was driving Julian and Bailey as usual but decided to grab Tahani and Charlize as well

"Thanks again for the ride Joshua," Charlize said

"No problem and just call me Josh please," Josh said

"I don't know Joshua makes you sound older and wiser," Julian said

"Or younger and immature," Tahani said

"Exactly," Josh said "Oh Julian we should do the ting now"

"Yeah you right," Julian said going into his bag "This is from me and Josh"

Tahani got a flower doll and Charlize got cat doll

"Happy Valentine's day from your male best friends," Josh said

"Aw, you guys!" Charlize said hugging Julian who was right next to her "Love you!"

"Thanks, Joshy!" Tahani said hugging him from behind his seat

"*Clears throat* um..." Bailey said

"What's wrong? Need some water?" Josh said as Bailey looked annoyed

"No, that's not the issue," Bailey said

"Oh no need to worry, we already worked it out," Josh said as Bailey got confused

"Yeah we learned that South high has their own valentine delivery ting and I sent a special gift to Chloe," Julian said "I mean it's best that way her boyfriend won't beat me up and I still get her a gift"

"That's so sweet," Tahani said

"Yeah, so sweet..." Bailey said crossing her arms and looks out the window


The crew got to school around the same time and they could feel love is in the air

"Oh look, Sheaden just asked out Nicole," Julian said as they all gathered around Josh's locker "Valentine's day is giving people confidence"

"That's so sweet," Kaycee said

"Which reminds me," Sean said as he went into his bag a revealed a rose "Happy Valentines day Kayc"

"Another one?!" Kaycee said taking the blue rose "You're too much"

"Well I have 11 more so I hope they work out," Sean said

"The 13 gifts from Sean Lew" Tahani said "This might be your personal Christmas Kayc"

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