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just one of the boys by ricekrispiesean
just one of the boysby ricekrispiesean
"just because you don't see me as one, doesn't mean that I'm not a girl" also please show some appreciation for the work of art that is the cover of this book...
  • love
  • juliandeguzman
  • dance
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unsteady by allyjean2323
unsteadyby kally jean :))
she's drowning. kaycee rice is battling depression, and feels as if everyday, her walls are closing in more and more. one day, however, she meets a boy, sean lew, and t...
  • kaycee
  • dance
  • seaycee
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The Open Door - Sean and Kaycee by expecto_patronum934
The Open Door - Sean and Kayceeby expecto_patronum934
This is a story about what happens when two lost souls meet. [Spoiler alert: the end result is beautiful]
  • joshbeauchamp
  • tahanianderson
  • lewser
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Shamu and the Golden Girl by Friend_Tings
Shamu and the Golden Girlby Chloe
Sean is 16 years old. After moving to LA, things had begun to turn for the better. He became a world wide known dancer with thousands of fans. He kept himself limited wi...
  • lovetriangle
  • seaycee
  • dancing
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Sticks and Stones- A Seaycee story by dnalier
Sticks and Stones- A Seaycee storyby dnalier
"You can run, but you can't hide forever girl." and run she did. Kaycee Rice was a weirdo. Her love knew no bounds and when she loved she did it with her whol...
  • dancefloor
  • weirdo
  • sean
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(im)patience by SleeplessCoffee
(im)patienceby SleeplessCoffee
Falling out of the habit is followed by the unexpected. You have to take one step at a time, yet adjust your rhythm to the person you share the journey with.
  • kayceeandsean
  • dance
  • kayceerice
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We Did Not Plan This by shamunricebowl
We Did Not Plan Thisby Rafaella
a Seaycee story. What would happen if Kaycee finds out she is pregnant while in Boston with the Wiggle Crew. (P.S. one of my friends dared me to write this.)
  • boston
  • seanlew
  • teenpregnancy
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Seeing Eye to Eye | Seaycee by rip-my-life
Seeing Eye to Eye | Seayceeby rip-my-life
The Weirdo and the Lewser. The Popular guy and the New girl. Sean and Kaycee. Watch them fall in love. - Hey, this is my attempt at a story. I hope you enjoy. They go t...
  • julian
  • lewser
  • baileysok
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i see the light// seaycee by sandk2125
i see the light// seayceeby sandk2125
"it is scary to love when you're not sure you even know how." a high school love story of a school musical, an unlikely pair, and the complications of first lo...
  • highschool
  • disney
  • drama
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Accidental Perfection by istantings
Accidental Perfectionby istantings
When Sean and Kaycee are put together for the first time ever to create a music video, they discover something magical They're 18 and 19. The title has almost nothing t...
  • dance
  • seaycee
  • kayceerice
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Seaycee- OneShots by THAT1GURLLL
Seaycee- OneShotsby Shay💙
Like every oneshots book, because I can't compile all my thoughts, into one plot.
  • stayweird
  • kayceerice
  • love
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Beautiful by bp21221
Beautifulby bp21221
The transition between being friends to dating is hard. Especially when two souls are so different yet so alike. It's exciting, thrilling, scary, emotional, but it's a r...
  • seanandkaycee
  • teenlove
  • weirdolewser
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Hold My Hand by libro_cubicularist
Hold My Handby libro_cubicularist
The Nerd, the Jock, the Rebel, the Leader, the Elite, the Nice Student. Different personalities have come together for your typical high school drama - or is it?
  • teenfiction
  • kaycee
  • joshbeauchamp
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songs about us I seaycee oneshots (sean and kaycee) by seayceeok
songs about us I seaycee lua
this book it's a series of seaycee's oneshots inspired by songs. - hope you like it. 💛🌼
  • seayceeoneshot
  • seayceeoneshots
  • oneshotcollection
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the darkest nights ~ seaycee by dazzledxls
the darkest nights ~ seayceeby dazzledxls
he knew everything about the girl, and he'd do anything for her... except love her. she had feelings for her best friend, someone who she had to watch love another girl...
  • seaycee
  • depression
  • sad
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Love is Friendship set on Fire by ccunningham276
Love is Friendship set on Fireby ccunningham276
A collection of seaycee one shots because I can only watch their vids so many times and need to channel my emotions!! Will be a mix of AU's, hidden moments and wishful t...
  • seaycee
  • seanlew
  • kayceerice
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Bro Zoned (Seaycee) by Chmokie
Bro Zoned (Seaycee)by Charm Mo
Sean and Kaycee have been best friends since they were little. They practically experienced everything together because their mothers have known each other since high sc...
  • seaycee
  • kayceerice
  • romance
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Chapters: Stories on Sean & Kaycee by AugustApollo
Chapters: Stories on Sean & Kayceeby AugustApollo
Short Stories and One Shots on Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice.
  • firstlove
  • seaycee
  • dance
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One Shots: Sean & Kaycee by seayceetings
One Shots: Sean & Kayceeby reg☁️
book 2 welcome to a new era of one shots. some are cute, some are sad, some are song based, some are wild. choose your poison. cover: @/happeekaycee
  • seanandkaycee
  • seanlew
  • bronks
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Seaycee Shots  by angelxshamu
Seaycee Shots by angelxshamu
One shots of Sean and Kaycee, because they're too cute not to write about Warning: I'm only posting these because some friends convinced me, but I will not be someone w...
  • love
  • dance
  • seanlew
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