Catching up tings

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Weekend 1: Kaycee with Julian JuCee

Dance studio: Private Room

"Julian, why are we in a studio? I thought we were supposed to catch up?" Kaycee asked

"My job is to make sure you're cheered up enough so that when you spend time with Josh Bailey and Sean you won't be such a downer" Julian said

"I'm not a downer"

"Sean is talking to another girl"

"😢 Good for him..." Kaycee said not making eye contact with Julian

"See! This what I mean!"

"Fine! What are we doing? We don't have time for a concept video" Kaycee said

"I'm going to teach you a combo I made recently " Julian said

"Sweet it's been a while"

*One combo later*

"Okay you're cheating," Kaycee said

"How?" Julian asked as he sipped his water

"You know dancing always makes me feel better no matter how sad life is," Kaycee said, "But come on I have the right to be sad!"

"You do, but no one wants you to be sad," Julian said "So like it or not you're going to get better"

"Fine" Kaycee grunted as she hates not having her way "Alright come on"

"Come on what?" Julian questioned as he sees Kaycee getting up

"I'm going to teach you one of my choreographies," Kaycee said

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Fine I guess now will be a good time to talk all about my girl problems," Kaycee said "Like yesterday Kylie was in the medication section and-"

"-Ok what song did you create this piece too?!" Julian said not wishing to hear any of that

"Hip-hop or contemporary?"

Weekend 2: Kaycee with Josh KaSh

Josh's car to dinner from movies

"Josh if you want to admit you're in love with me now you can," Kaycee said

"What?!" Josh said "What are you talking about? I love you but not like that"

"You just took me to a movie and now we're getting dinner this sounds like a date..." Kaycee said clearly messing with him

"Hey I just wanted to do something with you, and you don't party, you don't like sports, Sean and Bailey already have plans so I did what I could," Josh said "Frankly I'm surprised we're friends we don't have that much in common"

"Well I really appreciate it," Kaycee said "I enjoy the simple things"


"Tings! Sorry I'm out of practice" Kaycee said as they laughed "Besides we have plenty in common"

"Kayc you don't have to try it's fine"

"We both love Bailey"

"Jeez we're bringing this up again!"

"Hey you love my sister that basically makes us in-laws," Kaycee said "Meaning we have to love each other even if we don't want to"

"Well you love my bro, Sean"

"See that's two tings you didn't think we had in common already we've found," Kaycee said

"Kayc we don't have to have tings in common to be friends," Josh said "People can have nothing in common but be best friends"

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