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Glitter (Urban) by _ShayRon_
Glitter (Urban)by Sharron Ridley
21 Year Old Glitter Is A Stripper At Mo's Playhouse A Strip Club In The Upper East Of Atlanta. She Have Had The Dream Of Becoming A Stripper Since She Was 12 Yea Why Wou...
  • urban
  • thugs
  • dancers
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Crisis Of Dance by EscapingSadReality
Crisis Of Danceby EscapingSadReality
A new girl in town. Has he finally found his dance partner? Kaycee just moved from New York to Seattle and meets Sean during dance classes. Turns out, the two are an ama...
  • couple
  • fanfic
  • seaycee
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soulmates. | sean lew by seancharIeslew
soulmates. | sean lewby A
what would you do if you knew the exact moment you were going to meet your soulmate? completed • february 19 2018
  • natbebko
  • millenium
  • joshprice
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bruises / sean & kaycee by mickeyeun
bruises / sean & kayceeby t
if only I could hold you, you'd keep my head from going under. a sean & kaycee love story.
  • seanandkaycee
  • dance
  • romance
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Seaycee one shots by seayceesuss
Seaycee one shotsby Evie
Just some random stories that pop into my head every now and again :) Seayceesuss on insta :)
  • seanlew
  • bailey
  • tahani
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BREAKING POINT by _gtfobea
BREAKING POINTby ˗ˏˋ bea ˎˊ˗
Emily Williams has been dancing since she was four years old. She grew up in a small town but now at the age of sixteen she's going into her second year at the National...
  • danceacademy
  • fanfiction
  • danceschool
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xanny / sean & kaycee by mickeyeun
xanny / sean & kayceeby t
"What is it about them, Sean?" Kaycee yelled angrily as tears ran down her face, tossing the bag of pills to the side. She watched as his eyes followed, stoppi...
  • joshprice
  • seanandkaycee
  • tahanianderson
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New York by AugustApollo
New Yorkby AugustApollo
Sean and Kaycee decide to go to college, and are forced to navigate uncharted waters - new city, new friends, and possible a new stage in their relationship. *Chapters 1...
  • wod
  • teenagelove
  • seanandkaycee
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Dancer|| PJM by Nerdlife1504
Dancer|| PJMby N3RD
Jimin falls for y/n one of his backup dancers. He gets close to her and keeps being constantly pushed away. What is she hiding?
  • jimin
  • dancers
  • kpopfanfic
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elastic heart / sean & kaycee  by mickeyeun
elastic heart / sean & kaycee by t
he thought he had an elastic heart. she was so powerful, she tore right through it. this is the story in which an extraordinary friendship falls due to the toxicity of...
  • toxic
  • toxicrelationships
  • seanlewandkayceerice
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Rhythm of My Heart - Taekook by hooverssweaterpaws
Rhythm of My Heart - Taekookby Izzy
In which a musician and a dancer find their voice together, as well as their heart. cover by @8bitalpaca
  • jungkook
  • boyxboy
  • yoongi
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Strippers Boyfriend - Vkook by Eviolus-
Strippers Boyfriend - Vkookby ♡
Jungkook's not gay. Well, he doesn't want to be gay. Jungkook is unsure where his sexuality lies so he asks Namjoon for help to provide proof he likes girls and not boys...
  • abuse
  • angst
  • dancers
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street dancers • hemmings by xrainbow_007x
street dancers • hemmingsby ᴋʟᴇᴏᴘᴀᴛʀᴀ ʀᴇᴅ
Czy w miejscu takim jak Hollywood znajdzie się miejsce na miłość pomiędzy uliczną tancerką i zawodowym choreografem? ~*~ [zakończone ✔] [inspirowane Hollywood Tonight od...
  • sydney
  • polishff
  • choreography
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Baby Boy | BTS by -Gwanjuxi
Baby Boy | BTSby waeng?
❝ I fucked, Min Yoongi, holy shit. ❞ M/n L/n, He's a famous dancer, although, he dances only for fun, he has a dance crew of course. They mostly perform outside of beaut...
  • rm
  • taehyung
  • kpopidols
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It All Started With A Dance Class by lewser13
It All Started With A Dance Classby lewser13
A weirdo and a lewser are never a good match. Until now.
  • bigwill
  • love
  • dancers
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songs about us I seaycee oneshots (sean and kaycee) by seayceeok
songs about us I seaycee lua
this book it's a series of seaycee's oneshots inspired by songs. - hope you like it. 💛🌼
  • seayceeoneshots
  • lewser
  • sean
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Chloe is auditioning for the new international pop group called Now United as she meets a sweet, talented and handsome boy named Josh Beauchamp. Ranks (updated 3/1/19): ...
  • joshbeauchamp
  • dancer
  • ohmyjosh
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slide | seaycee (sean and kaycee) by seayceeok
slide | seaycee (sean and kaycee)by lua
Kaycee and Sean were in love with each other, but they figured it out too late. Now she's a mom, married to another guy and he lives in china - and they're still in love...
  • bronks
  • tahani
  • sean
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there's no way | seaycee (sean and kaycee) by seayceeok
there's no way | seaycee (sean lua
"you touch me and it's almost like we knew that there will be history..." the instant that they danced together for the first they knew that nothing would ever...
  • dance
  • lewser
  • sean
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SOMEONE YOU LOVED | sean&kaycee by seancontent
SOMEONE YOU LOVED | sean&kayceeby florence
now the day bleeds into nightfall, and you're not here to get me through it all. i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved. a sean&kaycee highschool au. slight...
  • seanandkaycee
  • kayceerice
  • weirdo
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