A Finding Out ting

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Another day



Sean and Josh were getting some snacks so the others were talking

"You still haven't asked him yet?" Bailey asked Kaycee

"No I think he's mad at me for some reason," Kaycee said "He's been avoiding me"

"Oh, because he thought you asked out Josh," Tahani said shocking everyone "What? I talk to Josh every second I can get"

"Why would he think that?" Kaycee asked

"Because when your practice asking someone out you used Josh," Julian said "He must have overheard just that part"

"Bailey this is your fault," Kaycee said

"How?!" Bailey said

"I agree," Tahani said

"Shut up! I brought up the practice idea, yeah but this is just Sean reading things out of context" Bailey said, "So how is this my fault?"

"I don't know," Kaycee said, "Bailey fix it!"

"Why me?!"

"You're my best friend!"

"You have Josh and Julian, even Tahani will help," Bailey said

"But I trust you more," Kaycee said


Bailey made her way to Sean who was with Josh and gave them the rundown

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"Bails we already talked, Sean is mostly over it," Josh said

"Mostly?" Bailey said

"Well Sean still feels weird that out of all people she said my name but that's the least of our issues," Josh said

"Yeah and like who is she really trying to go out with?" Sean said as Bailey got confused

"What do you mean it's yo-"

"-You, if you ask her first" Josh cut her off as she got the hint that Josh somehow explained it to Sean without revealing too much

"But I'm not ready!" Sean said

"You weren't ready last year, you weren't ready last semester, wasn't even ready Christmas, when will you be ready?" Bailey said

"Stop acting like you know how it feels to ask out your best friend," Sean said

"You're right I don't," Bailey said as she never asked her best friend out

"Thank you!" Sean said

"Josh does!" Bailey said as she kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around him

"Bai!" Josh said shocked Bailey exposed them

"Wait, you two- have been- but when- How?!" Sean rambled "Congrats, I think?"

"Sorry bro, I would have told you but Bailey thought you feel weird that I asked her out before you asked Kaycee," Josh said

"Weird as in you did the one thing I couldn't..." Sean said starting to feel worse

"I know you can do it!" Josh said encouraging his best friend, "I'm telling you once you get those words out your mouth you'll feel wonderful!"

"You sure?" Sean said

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