First tings

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Kaycee and Bailey were just waiting outside the gymnasium as they had to wait for the boy's tryouts to finish

They would have just called their parents or siblings but Kaycee wanted to hang with Sean and Bailey with Josh so they stayed

"Okay, why can't we go in and watch again?" Kaycee said

"Because we would be a distraction," Bailey said as Kaycee stayed confused "Josh's words not mine"

"I don't get it, we won't be loud," Kaycee said

"But I think it's more like what Julian said 'You two are too hot to be around a bunch of adrenaline pumped boys' " Bailey said mimicking Julian

"I think any girl could walk in there and someone would get distracted then," Kaycee said

"Anyways so it's the second day of seaycee, how's it going?" Bailey asked

"It's not Christmas relax" Kaycee joked "But it's amazing, better than I could ever have hope, we're going on a date today!"

"Oh, a first date sounds special," Bailey said

"Eh it's just a movie," Kaycee said "But what I'm really anticipating is what comes after"

"What's that?" Bailey asked

"Our first kiss!" Kaycee said bubbly as Bailey just looked confused "What?"

"You haven't kissed yet?" Bailey said

"No, it's only been not even two days, I say we're going pretty fast in my opinion," Kaycee said

"I just thought you two would have been making out the moment you got together since you're so in looove," Bailey said

"Whatever, but I'm ready I got chapstick, tic tac gum, lip gloss, everything I'll need," Kaycee said

"Wow you really are making this a big deal," Bailey said "You do like to over-romanticize tings though"

"No, I don't," Kaycee said

"Yes, you do, you act like it's your first kiss," Bailey said as Kaycee failed to respond "Oh, my god it's your first kiss"

"Stop I feel worse now!" Kaycee said "I'm 16 and I haven't kissed a boy yet, I know it's pathetic"

"No, it's not, my first kiss wasn't that long ago either," Bailey said

"Oh, so you kissed your ex late then," Kaycee said

"No, I never kissed Kenneth," Bailey said as she then froze as she made an error

"Wait so you had your first kiss recently but not with your past boyfriend meaning really recent... who have you kissed?" Kaycee said

" Josh and I started dating" Bailey said just getting it over with

"Oh, my god congratulations," Kaycee said hugging her as Bailey was just thinking this was not how she thought this would go "Must have been inspired by Sean and me"

"Wait you th-" Bailey said as Kaycee thinks they just recently started dating "Yeah, I guess you can say that"

"Oooo, we can double date it will be so much fun!" Kaycee said as Bailey rolled her eyes as she loves Sean and Kaycee but a double date would not be a date

The doors opened and the boys exit and it didn't take long for the girls to find their three

"So how'd it go?" Kaycee asked

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