A Dinner ting

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"Look at you two all dressed up and matching," Julian said to Sean and Kaycee who were wearing dressed up formal causal

"Yeah what's the occasion?" Bailey asked

"Well we're going out to eat with Kaycee's family tonight and we won't have enough time to go home and change so we're already dressed," Sean said

"Well you two look beautiful," Charlize said

"Don't compliment my girlfriend!" Kaycee said as Sean turned red as he hasn't been called that in a while as they all laughed

"Well I think you look really handsome Kaycee," Julian said playing along with them being the opposite boyfriend and girlfriend

"Dude" Sean said as they just laughed,

"But yeah it should be fun, I haven't really seen them in a while, we usually just hang at my place," Sean said as he got a text "A teammate just texted me there's a quick basketball ting in the gym"

"Go ahead I'll see you in class," Kaycee said

"Thanks, honey," Sean said as he kissed her cheek "I'll catch you all later"

"I should go to, my class isn't as close as yours," Charlize said as she walked off

"See ya!" Julian said, "So what's up?"

"I didn't tell my parents me and Sean are dating yet!" Kaycee exclaimed

"Kaycee! How?!" Bailey said "It's been like 2 months"

"Well the truth is my parents weren't the biggest fans of the idea of me dating Sean," Kaycee said "Well anyone really, but especially Sean"

"Why? I thought they loved him?" Bailey said

"Yeah when they thought he was just my best friend," Kaycee said

"Okay and..."

"Let's just say until I told them recently they thought Sean was gay," Kaycee said

"Bwahahaha!" Julian started laughing "They thought Sean was your gay best friend!"

"As funny as that is, and it's extremely funny by the way, why should it matter? You went on a valentine's day date, you hang out all the time, all over each other..." Bailey said as she now sees the problem as something that could have been seen as innocent now looks wrong to them "Wow their whole world just flipped"

"Right, they even said they would rather have me date Julian or Josh?!" Kaycee said as Bailey still sore about the break "Sorry Bai"

"It's fine... but that just means it's Sean who is their issue and not that your friends," Bailey said

"Exactly, and since Kylie and Devon haven't been around lately they so they haven't spoiled it yet," Kaycee said, "So I'm not going to tell them until dinner is over that way they can get to know Sean as the wonderful man he is!"

"But Kayc..."

"But what?" Kaycee said

"If they don't like him by now they might never like him," Julian said

"That's cra- Oh my God my parents won't like my future husband!" Kaycee said "That'll make the wedding awkward"

"What the hell?!" Bailey said storming off

"Oops," Kaycee said forgetting that the whole future marriage stuff is what separated Bailey and Josh

"I'm sure it'll work out," Julian said as Kaycee thanked him "Then again you go stupid for Sean"

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