Glass ting

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So as promised last night Sean was going to let Kaycee drive him to school today

He was still contemplating texting Josh to say pick him up

Then as if on cue, a car came speeding down the neighborhood

Sean took a couple steps back which was needed as the car popped onto the sidewalk

"Oops sorry I forgot you live so close, get in!" Kaycee said as Sean took a page out of Josh's book and crossed his heart and walked into the car

"Just wanted to let you know I love you and please don't kill us," Sean said

"Love you too!" Kaycee said as she pulled off like a bat out of hell

Meanwhile at school

Josh Bailey and Julian were already at school chilling at Josh's locker as they got to school early as they didn't have to make two extra stops

"I feel bad for Sean" Josh commented

"Yeah last time I rode with Kaycee I felt like I had to throw up," Bailey said

"Well up until then we thought she was perfect, good to know she isn't," Julian said

"Oh, so I hear the tryout results will be posted after our first class, do you think all three of you made it?" Bailey asked about the basketball stuff

"I hope not," Julian said

"Yeah me and Julian made an effort not to score a single point, we just gave the ball to Sean the whole time," Josh said

"Why?" Bailey asked

"Because the basketball team is full of jerks," Julian said which Josh nodded in agreement

"Really?" Bailey asked

"Bai, Kenny's on the basketball team" Josh pointed out

"Oh, yeah that team is full of jerks," Bailey said as Josh wrapped his arm around her

"You know if I didn't already know I would not have guessed you two are together," Julian said

"What do you mean?" Bailey said

"Well I mean you're not all over each other like Sean and Kaycee, not even being cutesy and stuff like other couples, you just look like friends," Julian said

"Well we had to learn to do all that stuff on our own time," Josh said "Plus there's no need to be that open in school"

"Hey, guys!" Tahani said joining them

"Josh!" Bailey said as she quickly wrapped her arms around Josh and started kissing him

"I'm going to throw up!" Tahani said walking away quickly "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew"

"She's gone" Julian commented as Bailey separated from Josh leaving him in a daze "I take it back I'm happy you two don't do that on the regular, I felt that I had to put you two in a closet"

"Haha" Bailey sarcastically laughed "I just did that to mess with Tahani, right Josh?"

"Josh?" Julian said snapping his fingers to get his attention "You good?"

"Yeah I'm good my bad" Josh said as Julian just smirked at him "Where's Seaycee?"

And right on cue, Sean came running past them and they could see he went into the restroom

"He's such a baby, I wasn't even driving that fast" Kaycee said joining them

"I think I'll just drive us from now on," Josh said

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