A Break ting

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So Valentine's day was mostly a success

Julian had a solid date with Tati with an awkward experience

Bailey and Josh were good with their dinner and movie date with Josh a little bitter about not getting a gift but easily got over it

And Sean and Kaycee...

Well Kaycee slept over

Morning After

"I can't believe you actually slept over," Sean said while smiling

"What? It was late and it was safer for me here" Kaycee said

"Is that why you were cuddling up against me all night?" Sean asked

"Haha, it was cold and I wanted more blanket which you were hogging," Kaycee said

"Righttt," Sean said not believing her

"This is nice" Kaycee said cozing on up on him

"Yeah it is" Sean said until he felt a new weight jump on him and start licking him "Oreo?! Oreo! Get off!"

"Hehehe" Kaycee started laughing as Oreo started licking her too "Good morning to you too Oreo"

"Down you go girl" Sean said putting Oreo back on the floor

"Yeah I want something just like this when we get married" Kaycee said

"Married?" Sean said

"Oh, crap! I said it too soon!"

"Yeah," Sean admitted "But I don't mind, I wouldn't mind getting married to you to"

"Ah, marriage..."


Ah! Marriage!" Josh said as he started to back away from Bailey

Josh got to Bailey's early so they can have their nice cuddly moment before school

And in the process Bailey said she can't wait until they're married

"I mean yeah, " Bailey said as if it was obvious "You're going to be a renowned choreographer and I'll be one of the back up dancers to Beyonce or whoever the next big thing is by the time I'm old enough on every tour, then well settle down have a kid, actually two, and have a pet dog, maybe they'll be offspring of my dog now! And-"

"Bailey back up" Josh said stopping her "Marriage?!"

"I mean yeah we're only 16 I know that but don't you feel like you found the one? Because I know I have"

"We need a break"

Later with Julian

"Hey Char, can you pick me up, Josh is late " Julian said calling Charlize, "I think he and Bailey are in a fight"

At school

With Sean and Kaycee

"I miss that food from last night" Kaycee said as her and Sean walked hand in hand to her locker "We should have ordered more to take home"

"It wasn't that good" Sean said

"But the way that cute chef was making the food infront of us was very impressive"


"Is chef Lew jealous?!" Kaycee asked


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