Acting tings

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About a week later

Kaycee became a cheerleader, Josh and Sean started basketball stuff already, Julian spent more time with Charlize, Bailey spends more time doing dancing just usual stuff


"Do we have to watch their auditions?" Julian said as he Charlize Tahani and Josh walked to the auditorium

"Friends support friends," Charlize said to him

"I guess but it could take a while, they all have late last names," Julian said as L R and S are late in the alphabet

"True, but I'm pretty sure the auditions themselves won't be long as even the ones evaluating them don't want to be their long" Josh said

"Yeah Josh is right, all tryouts don't last too long so there's no reason why auditions should too," Tahani said agreeing

"Thank you, Hani, and besides, we've never seen them act before so it could be fun," Josh said

"Yeah who knows maybe Sean will make a monologue and make you cry" Charlize teased

"Or Bailey does a funny dance," Julian said

"Well the dancing and singing parts will probably be a separate day but acting should still be good," Josh said


They made it to the auditorium and sat in the back so they wouldn't disturb anything

"So, what's the musical covering?" Tahani asked while whispering as someone walked on stage

"High School Musical" Charlize whispered

"Really?" Julian said "I figured they would have gone old school like a Romeo and Juliet"

"Well it was a student vote," Charlize said

"Yeah so six main characters so there should be a good chance to see our three make it," Josh said

"Look Sean's up with Will," Tahani said pointing at Sean Lew and Will Simmons on stage

They waved at him ferociously which made Sean crack a smile but snapped back into his acting mode when he was told to start the scene

It was a simple scene just their characters reading some lines from HSM with Sean being Troy and Will being Chad

"Okay good job see you both tomorrow," one of the theater people said as Sean and Will went backstage

"That's good, right?" Julian said "We didn't hear many people get that response"

"Yeah it must mean they did good in acting and will have to see their singing and dancing," Charlize said

It took a little bit but next was Kaycee

The four did their usual waving which was matched by Kaycee who was happy to see her friends support her

Kaycee did her acting and she killed it per usual as she was trying out for Gabriella

"Good, I was lowkey thinking she would be bad," Josh said exhaling a breath he didn't think he was holding

"Yeah and with her dancing, she and Sean definitely has a role," Julian said

"So why didn't you all audition?" Charlize asked the boys and Tahani "I can't sing or act but Tahani has enough attitude for acting and they could always use more boys"

"Nah, I tried acting when I was younger and I get so embarrassed when in front of a camera," Julian said "If they need dancers I'll consider it, if not just to help Kaycee and them out"

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