Payback tings

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So, since it was December the first semester of Junior year was ending

They all decided to do their plans for saving junior prom after winter break

But that didn't mean some weren't planning things

Before school

So, Josh got the squad to school a little early so they all went their own ways to catch up with other friends before classes start
Except for Sean and Kaycee

"Kaycee, you don't have to do this for me," Sean said as Kaycee was leading him somewhere

Kaycee was in the process of getting payback on Josh for the story he exposed about Sean the other day

She never forgets

"I know but justice has to be served!" Kaycee said

"Justice?! Kaycee this is low-key evil" Sean said "Josh will hate you"

"Maybe, but it's a lesson he needs to learn," she said

"And that lesson is..." He asked

"No one is allowed to embarrass you!" Kaycee said as Sean felt touched by the sentiment

"Thanks, Kayc that's why you're my-"

"-except me!" She finished

"Fair enough," he said as being embarrassed by Kaycee is nowhere near as bad as Josh, Julian, or Bailey

"And we're here," Kaycee said as they stood in front of the cheerleaders with one very familiar one in the middle

"You know this will mean war, right?" Sean said as he wants to double check that she's indeed going through with this

"It's only war if he survives," Kaycee said, "Are you with me or what?"

"I'm with you, am I not your partner in crime?" Sean said

"No that's Bailey, " Kaycee said messing with him as he was shocked for a minute until Kaycee smiled at him "But yeah back me up on this"

"I got your back homeboy!"

"Never say that again"



After morning classes, the squad made it to their normal table and we're casually talking joking etc...

"What did the left eye say to the right eye?" Julian said to everyone

"What Julian?" Bailey said already annoyed

"Between you and me, something smells" Julian finished the joke

It took a second but they all understood "OH!!!!!!!!!"

"The nose!" Sean said

"Not your best but still funny Jules," Kaycee said

"I'm only laughing because I am actually having a great day today," Josh said

"Really?" Sean said

"Got A's on my homework, the team made the playoffs, got amazing friends, was with a really pretty girl before school," Josh said as Bailey had to hide her blush "Just a good day!"

Then in not even five seconds Kaycee's and Sean's payback started

"Joshhhhhhh!!!!" A voice very familiar to Josh screamed in delight towards the table in Josh's horror

"You didn't?!" Josh said as Kaycee gave him an evil smirk "I'm sorry! I'm super sorry! Anything but this! I love you, sis! Remember price is rice?!"

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