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Winter break was over and it was time for school to resume

Classes were boring as it was just the teachers introducing the new schedule for the second semester

During lunch, Sean and Kaycee went to the principal office to talk about the junior prom

Principal's office

"How may I help you, Mr. Lew and Ms. Rice," the principal said as he had them take seats in front of the desk

"Hi Ms. Chavez, we wanted to talk about Junior Prom," Kaycee said

"It's such a shame that we had to cancel it for this year," Ms. Tessandra Chavez said

"That's the thing, Ms. Chavez, we don't feel it should have been canceled," Sean said

As this was happening Bailey was sitting outside trying to position her camera through the crack that Sean and Kaycee left open in the door so they can have footage at the very least audio of the conversation

"This should be good," Bailey said to herself

"What should be good?" A person said scaring Bailey briefly

"Nothing Ms. Kibblewhite," Bailey said

"Ok Bailey, don't forget to come by my office everyone and again, I'm still your advisor" Ms. Kibblewhite

"I will, I've just been busy" Bailey honestly said

Cheyenne Kibblewhite was Bailey's advisor when Bailey's family thought she was being too quiet in school freshman year and they got close over that time

But now Bailey has friends and doesn't need to see Ms. Kibblewhite as much

"Alright take care and don't step on your camera, 😉" she said walking away as Bailey just shook her head as of course, she noticed

Back with Sean and Kaycee

They had just presented all their evidence to Ms. Chavez and the pair thought they did a good job of confirming the information

"I need to have a conversation with the faculty about privacy," Ms. Chavez said to herself "Sean and Kaycee I'm honestly on your side on this I didn't feel it was right to take something from the students"

"Then what happened? I figured you would have enough authority to say no" Sean asked

"It was ultimately put to a vote, and to spare all the boring adult stuff they barely won," Ms. Chavez said "I had the instructors that wouldn't get the bonus such as Coach Adams, but there weren't enough of us so they took your junior prom budget for their bonuses"

"Is there anything we can do?" Kaycee asked "Our plan was to go to the district and make a proposal"

"You can do that, I support you, but if you wait too long it'll take too long for a decision to make an effect," Ms. Chavez said

"What do you mean?" Kaycee asked

"She means if we do it to close to when junior prom usually is there won't be enough time for the district to even consider it" Sean explained for her

"Yeah so good luck," Ms. Chavez said


"I can't believe you still have her sitting with us," Julian said to Josh with Tahani on his other side

"What do you all not like her?" Josh asked her

"No if anyone it would be Bailey that doesn't like her but everyone doesn't mind her, she's really cool with Sean and Kaycee the more I think about it," Julian said

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