Sibling day tings

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Around May

Josh's locker

"So, you enjoying high school so far Jade?" Tahani asked Julian's little sister

"It seems boring," Jade said as she just starts texting on her phone

"Don't worry she only gets interested if there's some form of drama," Julian said knowing how his sister is

"She probably has seen too many movies and TV shows of high school," Sean said

"Yeah its nothing like that" Tahani said

"Hey, guys!" Josh said finally arriving "Meet my little sister Kaycee"

"Hey, guys!" Kaycee Rice said

😳 - Sean
🤐 - Julian
🥶 - Tahani
☕️ - Bailey
😁 - Jade

"Isn't that Sean's ex the one he left for Tahani who became one of your best friends as well who also used to date Josh and hate Bailey?" Jade said

"Let me introduce you to Char," Julian said taking Jade away

"Isn't that the one you broke her heart?!" Jade said as they disappeared into the hallway

"How?!" Sean said

"It's Sibling day so the students can bring in their younger siblings to explore the school," Josh said

"But you two are not related whatsoever," Tahani said as just pointing at the physical differences "And look nothing alike"

"We're twins!" Josh jokes

"I mean we can just say adoption," Kaycee said

"But you have different last names"

"Eh Kaycee Rice Kaycee Price a simple writing error can explain that," Josh said

"Ruth, Brad, and Laura are already on board, Kaycee doesn't have schoolwork today and honestly our teachers won't care" Bailey answering the eventual questions "Kaycee came to visit!" as she hugged Kaycee

"Yeah, I missed you all, and is it weird to say I missed school?" Kaycee said

"Yes, but you're you," Sean said as he hugged her "I'm so happy you're here"

"Same" Kaycee said as she smiled at him

"Um hi!" Tahani said noticing Sean and Kaycee were just staring at each other "I missed you too!"

"Hey Tahani," Kaycee said going for the hug

"Kaycee!" Tahani said as they hugged

"I'm stealing Sean back" Kaycee whispered in her ear

"You're so funny!" Tahani said to not alert the others "You can try" she whispered back

"Maybe this was a bad idea," Josh said as he could already tell there was some animosity

"Why? This is great!" Bailey saying finishing her water bottle enjoying herself

"Let's leave this threesome be and find something to satisfy your quench," Josh said as they walked off

"I hear the lunchroom sells some hot drinks before school starts," Bailey said "I love tea"

"So, Sean I haven't been here awhile do you mind showing me around?" Kaycee said

"Would love to," Sean said as they walked off

"Wait a second..." Tahani said

😜- Kaycee

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