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When Sean asked about the musical Kaycee just stood up and walked away confusing Sean

Last class of the day

"Sean you're an idiot," Bailey said

"I still don't understand," Sean said

"You were making it sound like you were going to ask her out you dumbo" Bailey said

"I did? I did!" Sean realizing his previous wording

"Yah" Bailey said annoyed it took him this long

"Ok, but why is she upset? I thought she didn't like me?" Sean said still oblivious to Kaycee's feelings

Bailey had to think of a way to explain without saying Kaycee has a crush on him as saying he was getting her hopes up would reveal that

"Sean, how would you feel if I asked you out?" Bailey asked

"Weird" Sean said

"Exactly, as being a pair of guy and girl best friends, we can't deny the possibility so if I asked you out or if Julian asked Kaycee there's a level of uncertainty that will follow," Bailey said

"Uncertainty?" Sean said

"Through that minute or two of you saying that to her, in her mind she was probably contemplating on if she would say yes or not, you are her best friend it would be a big change" Bailey said "And when you don't even bring it up when she likely made a decision, it's normal she would feel a type of way"

"I see, so what should I do now?" Sean said

"Just be patient," Bailey said tired of this conversation

"Ok, so do you think she would have said yes?" Sean asked

"Who knows," Bailey said

Meanwhile, Kaycee and Julian who were sitting a couple rows in front of Sean and Bailey were also talking

"No, you're not crazy that's exactly what it was sounding like," Julian said as Kaycee explained the situation with Sean and he backed her up

"Thank you!" Kaycee said

"You still need to speak to him," Julian said

"I know I'm just annoyed," Kaycee said

"Not as annoyed as Josh is," Julian said motioning to Josh with Tahani on the other side of the room who was forcing smiles as he was around Tahani and her friends

"Poor guy I almost feel bad" Kaycee said as she looked over to see Josh glare 😡 at her only for her to reciprocate 😜 "Almost"

"But you know what you should do?" Julian said


"Milk this opportunity, knowing Sean once he realized what he said he'll feel bad and will want to do anything to make you happy," Julian said "He'll probably cook for you"

"I was just going to tell him to buy me froyo but I see where you coming from," Kaycee said as the two shared a nod "I like you, Julian, you're now third on my best friends list"

"Third, nice!" Julian said

"Curious though how high am I on yours?" Kaycee asked

"Fourth" Julian said until he realizes he has four best friends "I mean-!"

"What?! Bailey's higher than me?! She doesn't even laugh at your jokes!" Kaycee said easily offended

"That reminds me, "Julian said as he turned around to get Bailey's attention "How do you make a tissue dance?"

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