Last day ting

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Josh's car

"Wow it's been a while since all five of us were in the car together" Julian commented as Kaycee has been driving Sean and her alone lately

"Yeah this is really feeling bittersweet," Bailey said as this will be the last time they can do this together

"Come on guys, don't think about it like that, it's just like any other day," Kaycee said


"I'm serious! Come on talk! You guys never run out of things to say and now you choose to be quiet!?"

"...tings," Josh said

"What?" Kaycee said

"You said it wrong its tings!" Josh said "Why is that so difficult it's not like I'm speaking another language"

"Yes, it is! You and Julian make up words all the time!" Sean said

"That's not true," Julian said

"Entirely true," Bailey said "You two just shove it down our throats so we have to accept it"

"I thought you loved that!" Josh said

"I love you! Not what you say" Bailey said shocking everyone at what she said "Fuck me"

"Oh, this should be good," Kaycee said resting on Sean's shoulder to get a better view

"Wait What?" Josh said

"Never mind" Bailey quickly said "Can we just get to school in peace"

"No, I want to hear this" Julian said being entertained

"Same" Sean added, "I think it's time sis"

"...Fine" Bailey said "I'm just using Kenneth to make you jealous and unfortunately I can't stop because he's using me to make AC jealous"

"Wow," Josh said "I kind of figured though"


"Yeah, I mean you too don't act like two people who are interested in each other but I just figured you were mad at me not because you wanted to make me jealous," Josh said "Good to know you didn't technically cheat on me"

"Wait a minute, cheat?"

"Yeah, we were on a break but you got a whole boyfriend that's pretty close to cheating," Josh said

"Oh no, not this debate again..." Kaycee said

"We didn't do anything," Bailey said

"Oh ok," Josh said not believing her

"I'm serious!" Bailey said "Besides you were the one talking to Tahani again"

"We didn't do an- you know what touché," Josh said seeing her point

"Please settle this before tings get out of hand," Sean said


"So, Bailey's backing out of her ting with Kenneth while Josh is talking to Tahani," Kaycee said to Charlize who needed to be caught up

"Finally, Josh and Bailey are going to get back together," Charlize said

"I know one less ting to worry about," Julian said

"Good to have some peace" Sean said as everyone agreed

"So, um..." Julian started but didn't know how to word it

"Yes?" Kaycee said

"Do you guys just want the day together or..." Julian said to Sean and Kaycee "I just don't want to be in the way, same Josh and the others"

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